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Would You Try Pizza-Flavored Ice Cream?

Every year, there are about 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream produced in the United States. From goat cheese to chocolate sriracha, there's no end to the wacky ice cream flavors ice cream makers are coming up with these days. But what about America's favorite Italian treat? And no, we're not talking about gelato -- we're talking about pizza.

That's right. Pizza flavored ice cream is now a thing.

While it's not exactly the typical ice cream flavor, for Coolhaus, an ice cream shop in Los Angeles, it's just another way to re-imagine the frozen dessert cups treat. Currently on their menu, the shop offers strange but curious options such as Peking Duck, and Cream Cheese and Rye. The cheesy Italian special was created as part of Coolhaus' fall menu, and is being served at both of their store locations and in their food trucks.

So what does pizza flavored ice cream taste like, anyway? According to Natasha Case, CEO and co-founder of Coolhaus, the ice cream flavor is the perfect savory-sweet combination. The base of the ice cream is made with marscapone and olive oil, and is topped with sun-dried tomato, fresh basil, and salt. Now those are definitely not the standard ice cream parlor supplies!

So far, the pizza flavor has been received extremely well. Despite its sweet base, many have been surprised that the ice cream has a true pizza flavor.

In any given two weeks, 40% of people the United States will indulge in ice cream. But what about pizza ice cream? Will it take off and become one of the go-to flavors and fill the ice cream cups that 90% of Americans indulge in regularly? Only time will tell.

Would you ever try pizza ice cream? What's the wackiest ice cream flavor you've ever tried? Let us know in the comments below!
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