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      Ice Cream Containers for Every Theme and Occasion

      At Frozen Dessert Supplies, we offer four sizes of white and kraft to go ice cream containers with lids and pink polka dot pint containers with lids. Whether you’re offering takeout, delivery, or bulk quantities of your ice cream, we have the ice cream containers for you! With three colors and four different sizes, we’re guaranteed to have what you need.

      Tightly-Rolled Rim:

      Choosing these to go containers with lids comes with a tightly-rolled rim that will  help secure the lid to the cup. The smooth touch of the to go container with lids makes it great from slipping out of your hands. When the lid is placed on the cup it will be a tight lid, while also eliminating the risk of a rapid temperature loss, cold or hot. 

      Vented Lid:

      These to go ice cream containers cups have a vented lid that keeps most of the air out of the cup. The purpose of this is to avoid soggy products. The double poly-coated interior helps both with durability and moisture resistant. 

      Perfect for Any Cold Treat:

      With unvented lids, these ice cream containers keep your tasty treats at the perfect temperature. They keep in the cold so your customers can take home your ice cream with peace of mind that it won’t melt. Our wholesale to go ice cream containers are the perfect solution for any cold treat.

      Try Our Custom Designs:

      Alongside our stock designs, we can customize these cups exactly to your liking. Just fill out this form and one of our custom branding representatives will contact you to start your custom branding journey. When building your custom branded cups, you get to work directly with our accomplished designers so your cups are exactly what you want.

      Available in Various Sizes:

      Our wholesale to go food containers are designed to be cost-efficient to the consumers mind. With high-quality items for low prices and an ECO choice, these cups come in different sizes ranging from 8oz-64oz. Help upgrade your take-out services with this convenient to go container. 

      For any questions or concerns about our to go containers with lids, please contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you.

      Custom To-Go Containers

      Want to stand out among the small frozen dessert companies and compete with the big ones? We offer custom printed paper ice cream containers alongside our stock 16 oz container options. We also offer it on a wholesale basis.