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    How to Build Customer Loyalty (and Why You Need to)

    Customer loyalty is an integral part of every business. There are many ways to build customer loyalty. Allowing your customers to feel heard with good customer service or giving them the incentive to come back with a good rewards program are two important ones. Be sure you don’t forget what good business is really about: the customer. View Post
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    10 Ice Cream Flavors you Should be Serving this Valentine’s Day

    Because Valentine's Day is a dessert-fueled holiday, ice cream is the perfect treat to gear towards customers in the Valentine’s Day Spirit. You can dress it up in a fancy sundae or shake, or let the flavors speak for themselves. Here's a list of flavors that are a must-serve this year.

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    What to Pay your Employees as an Ice Cream Shop Owner?

    Should you you pay your employees minimum wage? Should you pay your employees more than the other ice cream shops in the area? All those things we will address in this article! View Post
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    5 ways Small Businesses can Improve their Social Media Presence

    1.) Establish your Brand & Audience What kind of business do you want to represent on Instagram? This is based on what your feel like your brand represents and whom your audience is. If you are a young hip soda shop then maybe your audience is teenagers or college students or maybe you are a ... View Post
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    How to Make Freakshakes

    How to Make Freakshakes!   1.) Select your cup Depending on the milkshake cups you have can affect the milkshake cup. We sell ripple ice cream cups which can be a fun colorful option for your Freakshakes. They are on sale for $19.64 per case of cups! If you choose to go with your current cups ... View Post
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    Your Guide To Throwing The Perfect Halloween Bash

    As the first major event of the holiday season, Halloween has nearly endless potential for memorable parties. Whether you're ready to tackle the task of throwing a Halloween party for the first time or you're looking for ways to revamp your annual bash, there are plenty of spooky details you ca... View Post