Ice Cream Scoops & Scrapers


      The Best Ice Cream Spoon

      You can have the most delicious ice cream in the world, but it won’t matter if you can’t get it from the container to the dish neatly. High-quality ice cream scoopers will solve all of those transferring woes. When you shop with Frozen Dessert Supplies, you’ll have your choice between the classic rounded scooper and an ice cream spade.

      While the choice between the two ultimately comes down to personal preference, there are some key differences from one style to another. Whether you’re planning to use your ice cream spoon in your ice cream shop or in the privacy of your own home, you need one that will work for your unique needs.

      Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop

      Rounded ice cream scoops are going to give you that classic ice cream shape to evoke memories of going to your local ice cream shop as a kid. If you’re looking to get top points on the presentation of your ice cream, a rounded ice cream spoon is the way to go. The portions they produce are perfect in cones, bowls, or for topping cakes and pies.

      To provide you with scooping perfection, Frozen Dessert Supplies carries the ZeRoll Ice Cream Scoop. Rated by reviewers everywhere as the best scooper on the market, the ZeRoll is efficient and easy to use. Its heat-conducting core allows you to cut cleanly into hard ice cream, and the simple handle fits most palms perfectly. With a classic design, the ZeRoll ice cream scrapers are also easy to clean. On top of all that, this ice cream spoon will give you the picture-perfect scoop of ice cream every time.

      Ice Cream Spades

      The ice cream spade is all about efficiency. The servings from a spade may be less uniform than those from a rounded scooper, but it is ideal for packing ice cream into irregular shapes or scraping every last bit out of an ice cream container. When you’re trying to get as much ice cream as possible into a classic cone, the spade will be your best friend.

      No ice cream will go to waste at the edge of your container when you use our ice cream spade. With its more angled edges, the ice cream spade can extract every bit of your delicious frozen dessert from the sides of round or square containers. This feature also makes spades perfect for packing ice cream into dishes or bowls.

      No matter which ice cream spoon or ice cream scooper you choose, you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest-quality tools for your kitchen. And there’s certainly nothing stopping you from getting both varieties for maximum scooping ability. Keep scrolling to look through the range Frozen Dessert Supplies offers, and don’t hesitate to contact our helpful team with any questions you may have.