Ice Cream Cup Lids

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      Protect your ice cream and avoid any tragic spills with our recyclable PET plastic lids. We carry flat clear lids, flat paper lids, and clear dome paper cup lids for all sizes of our ice cream cups. We cannot guarantee that our lids will fit any cup but our own, so check out our ice cream cups before you go!

      Our ice cream cups lids are perfect for protecting your customer ice cream from spilling. These ice cream cup lids are made out of the highest quality of PET plastic and PE paper. We have different types of lid that include paper ice cream lids and plastic ice cream cup lids. These paper and plastic lids are durable and helps with leak-resistant.

      We also have a wide range of different lids which includes clear dome, clear flat, and Pretty perfect. Each of these lids will fit on most of your cups expect for the Halo clear dome lids, those only go with the Halo ice cream cups. We have all different type of sizes as well that come in, 3oz, 4oz, 5oz, 6oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 20oz and half gallon sizes.

      Both dome and flat lids will help secure and seal your items to avoid any type of mess. Stop now, and avoid worrying about spilling food out of your cup, choice these tightly-fitted disposable paper cup lids to make customer experiences better! 

      Ordering from Frozen Dessert Supplies will benefit you by having the best high quality products with competitive prices in the industry. These ice cream cup lids are the best very sturdy and will ensure a perfect fit. 

      Dome and Flat Lid Design:

      Our paper cup lids are made to help you find the perfect lid for your cups. We provide to different type of lids for our cups, dome and flat design. Dome lids are designed to have extra room for your ice cream toppings. Our plastics cup flat lid is designed to tightly seal the cup. This way you can showcase your delectable item to others and entice them to purchase their own favorite treat. 

      Customers will appreciate these disposable ice cream cup lids becasue they are durable and convenient to the eye. Made from recycle materials, we have created an eco-friendly dining experience. Choice these disposable lids that are a must-have addition to your store. 

      Tight-Fitting Lids Make Foods Portable:

      Seal and go with our disposable ice cream cup lids! These paper cup lids make transporting your froyo easy!

      Flat Design Seals In Food

      These ice cream cup lids form a tight seal that make food easy to transport. These paper cup lids fit perfectly with our paper froyo cups. Try these paper cup lids yourself!

      Versatile Use:

      In addition to serving ice cream and frozen treats, these lids are also perfect for covering hot food. These plastic cup lids are designed to cover any small dishes like soups or mashed potatoes. It does not matter what you are using these paper cup lids for they are going to enhance your customer experience. 

      These ice cream cup lids are made of superior quality material that is made to last and gives the best product experience when used with cups.