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      The Best Wooden Ice Cream Spoons

      With more people and businesses emphasizing the importance of eco-friendly products, it makes sense that you want your ice cream shop to follow. Not only are wooden ice cream spoons good for your customers, but they're also great for the planet!

      The wooden ice cream spoons offered by Frozen Dessert Supplies are some of the best in the business and some of the only bulk wooden spoons in the business. Made from smooth birchwood, our quality wooden spoons will never splinter or harm your customers. Best of all, they look great while doing it.

      Wooden Spoon Features: 

      Durable and Disposable: our wooden ice cream spoons are made with solid birch that makes the spoon heavy weighted. It will not break down when it is stored hot temperatures. They are easily disposable and burnable making it a great idea for takeout for summer camping. 

      Great Presentation: These wooden tasting spoons are composted from birch with is a great economical alternative but will also give a natural look of beauty. Wooden dessert spoons are splinter-free because of their smooth design, this is ensure that all customers are having a safe and comfortable experience. 

      Wooden Spoons are Eco-friendly 

      When you buy wooden ice cream spoons through Frozen Dessert Supplies, you know you're getting on of the best products on the market. Our wooden spoons are designed from luxurious, smooth birchwood with no coatings. This ensures you'll get a natural, wood taste with every bite of ice cream you sample.

      Because they're made from only the best birchwood, this ensures that our wooden spoons are not only strong but also 100% biodegradable. This means that they're compostable, enabling you to give back to the planet with every customer you treat. When it comes to tasting spoons, which are thrown away after a single use, this is the perfect quality to have!

      Try Our Wooden Spoons Today!

      Our wooden ice cream spoons are available in four styles for your customer convenience. Try our wooden gelato spoons for the indulgent feeling you crave, or opt for one of our heavyweight spoons for true ice cream lovers. We also offer wooden tasting spoons for special events, parties, and more. When you're in the market for wooden ice cream spoons, rely on Frozen Dessert Supplies!