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    How We're Dealing with Quarantine

    Because we're under a Stay-at-Home order here in Idaho, we at Frozen Dessert Supplies are doing our best to distance ourselves without going crazy. Here are some things we're doing to keep our sanity and fill our time while in quarantine. View Post
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    10 Easy Ways to Save Money As a Business

    Doing business in this uncertain time is difficult for everyone. Restaurants are especially hurting with quarantines and stay-at-home orders. The best way to stay in business right now is to cut costs wherever possible. Here are ten easy ways to save money without going out of business. View Post
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    We Don’t Sell Over-Priced Masks and Toilet Paper

    Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has been a major cause for panic. Not just in the United States, but throughout the entire world. People do weird things while panicking -- buying massive quantities of flour, disinfectant wipes, and toilet paper. Not only have people been panic-buying for themselves, they’ve been panic-buying in hopes to resell popular items at much higher prices. Amazon and eBay have banned sellers like this for price-gouging, which is illegal in the United States. At Frozen Dessert Supplies, we are committed to selling high-quality products at reasonable prices. View Post
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    How to Offer Delivery in 5 Easy Steps

    Delivery is quickly becoming the main way people prefer to get food. This rings true now more than ever before because most people are either quarantined or following social distancing guidelines. Rather than just losing their business, you can offer delivery. View Post
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    3 Ways to Elevate Your Banana Split

    Banana splits are a staple in any good ice cream shop. They’re classic and timeless. Anyone can make a traditional banana split, but if you use these tips, your banana split will be elevated to the next level. View Post
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    10 Ways to Slow the Spread of COVID-19 in Your Ice Cream Shop

    COVID-19 or Coronavirus has become a global epidemic. Schools are shutting down, people are working from home, and we're asked to stay 6-10 feet away from other people. More than anything, people want to know your ice cream shop is a safe, uncontaminated place. Austin Public Health (APH) has placed restrictions on restaurants that plan on staying open. Even if your business is outside of Austin, Texas, their restrictions are good practice for keeping your ice cream shop clean and safe. View Post