Taiwan’s Cilantro Ice Cream Rolls: A Lesson in Innovation

What can business owners learn from Taiwan’s frozen dessert sensation? The next big thing might be just one crazy idea away.

The Gastronomy of Taiwan

Let’s start off by stating the obvious – Taiwanese food is pretty dang good, and pretty dang unique. From Pizza Hut’s Oreo and fried calamari pizza to Stinky Tofu (believe me – the name is an understatement) this little island isn’t afraid to experiment with big flavors. This experimentation is exactly how 花生捲冰淇淋 (Peanut Roll Ice Cream) was born. Vendors in Yilan Taiwan were looking for a way to stand out, so they decided to combine several local flavors from different dishes to create something totally unique.

The dish became a hit in the local markets, and quickly spread across the island. Now, peanut roll ice cream can be found everywhere in Taiwan.

Jiufeng Taiwan

Juifeng Taiwan, well known for it's peanut roll ice cream

How Peanut Roll Ice Cream Is Made

First, a crepe-like pancake is topped with a thin layer of freshly shaved peanut brittle. Next, a few scoops of either taro or pineapple flavored ice cream are added to the mix. (speaking of scoops check out our super-high tech scoops here) .

Finally, a sprig of cilantro is added as a garnish and the whole thing is wrapped up burrito style

Ice Cream being rolled

Peanut roll ice cream at a night market in Tamsui Taiwan

What We Can Learn

Not only is peanut roll ice cream the perfect way to cool off on a muggy summer day, it also can teach ice cream shop owners and frozen dessert entrepreneurs a valuable lesson. Your customers are always looking for fresh new experiences. By following the example of Taiwanese ice cream vendors, we can create innovations that surprise and exceed customers expectations. Not all of our ideas are going to catch on – and that’s okay. It is important to keep innovating and experimenting because who knows, maybe one day you might just discover the next big thing.

Curious to learn more about ice cream around the world? Check out our blog article here!

Finished Ice Cream Roll

Special Thanks to 王怡人 for the pictures



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