America's Top Ten Snow Cone Flavors

Snow cones are a classic summer dessert. They're easy to make and cheap to produce. You can't go wrong! With summer fast approaching, we know you're gearing up to sell more frozen treats. We compiled a list of America's top ten snow cone flavors. These are sure to be a hit!

Here are America's Top Ten Snow Cone Flavors:

1. Cherry

Cherry is a classic flavor. With roots in Shirley Temples and ice cream sundae toppings, you can't go wrong with this timeless flavor. Its bright red color gives your snow cones added visual interest too.

 Try topping this with: Cherry bursting boba or maraschino cherries.

Cherry Snowcones

                                2. Blue Raspberry

French Fries

Blue is an archetypal color for snow cones. It's bright, fun, and summer-y! Kids and adults alike love the sweet flavor of blue raspberry. This is a great addition to any ice cream flavoring collection.

 Try topping this with: Orange bursting boba or mini marshmallows.

3. Strawberry

Anything strawberry flavored is always a big hit -- strawberry ice cream, smoothies, or candy. You can't go wrong. Strawberry snow cones are another crowd-favorite. Your customers will love this flavor!

 Try topping this with: Kiwi bursting boba or chocolate syrup.

red snow cone

                       4. Mango

Mango Snow Cone

Mangos have a bright flavor that lends itself very easily to frozen treats. Its tropical notes make mango a big crowd-pleaser. Adding mango to your lineup is a great choice!

 Try topping this with: Lychee bursting boba or strawberry bursting boba.

5. Watermelon

Watermelons are indicative of the real start of summer. Everyone loves going to a barbeque and enjoying a cold slice of watermelon. Watermelon snow cones bring that nostalgia right to your store. Your customers will love the summer-y feel of these treats.

 Try topping it with: peach bursting boba or mini yogurt chips.

Watermelon Snow Cone

                                  6. Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit Snow Cone

Sweet and exotic -- passion fruit is one of America's favorite flavors for a reason! There's nothing better than a tropical summer treat. Transport your customers to a tropical vacation with this sweet snow cone.

 Try topping it with: Passion fruit bursting boba or kiwi bursting boba.

7. Green Apple

This flavor will satisfy anyone who loves sweet and tart flavors. It's the perfect amount of sour flavor to keep your customers wanting more. Add it to your flavor collection for a sour kick.

 Try topping it with: Strawberry bursting boba or caramel sauce.

granola with milk

                                                                                              8. Pina Colada

Apple Pie With Ice Cream

A drink, a classic song, and a beloved snow cone flavor all in one! You can't go wrong with pina colada. Allow your customers to escape to the vacation spot of their dreams.

 Try topping it with: Mango bursting boba or whipped cream.

9. Banana

Another tropical fruit to add to your lineup! Bananas are a classic fruit with an incredible color. Their vibrant yellow will brighten up your shop and your syrup collection.

 Try topping it with: Whipped cream or dragon fruit bursting boba.

Pretzels With Ice Cream

                            10. Root Beer

Root Beer Snow Cone

Root beer floats are a classic summer treat. They're sweet and creamy while still being light and tasty. Root beer flavored snow cones are a fun, new take on that. Try topping it with: Half & half or strawberry bursting boba.

There's nothing better than a snow cone on a hot summer day. Adults can be reminiscent of their childhood, while kids can make fun, new memories with classic flavors. If you're looking to bring snow cones or shaved ice to your ice cream shop, try these classic flavors. Add these to your collection and they're sure to become an instant hit!



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