This Frozen Yogurt Shop is Bringing the Titanic Back to Life

What do being green, using natural ingredients, and a 520 square foot fragment of the Titanic have in common? You can find them all at Ken Coman’s Top It Yogurt Shoppe in Snohomish Washington!

From Biotech to Frozen Yogurt

It all started during the pandemic. Ken, who was working a successful career in Biotech decided it was time for a change. An opportunity presented itself where the local Frozen Yogurt shop where Ken’s children worked needed a new owner. The opportunity to be able to work with his family was exactly what Ken was looking for.

  Ken describes his first six months as the proud new owner of Top It as a learning experience. But while trying to understand the market and his customers he quickly realized that he had to make some changes to align the shop with his own personal values and vision.

Frozen Yogurt

A bowl of Ken's frozen yogurt with homemade toppings: YUM!

Going Green and Making Toppings

The first change Ken made was going eco-friendly. He switched over to compostable cups, wooden spoons and started using a local composting service for their take out. He also began serving dine-in customers with washable metal bowls – which in Ken's opinion doesn’t just reduce waste, but also is the best way to eat a frozen dessert.

Check out some of the cups that Ken uses here!

Next, Ken started looking at the ingredients in his toppings and wasn’t impressed. Instead of just switching suppliers he decided to start making them from scratch. From brownies to marshmallows more than half of Top It’s 50 toppings are homemade fresh – and they are a huge hit with customers!

Window Art

Some of Top It's window art

A Titanic Experience

Homemade toppings and a commitment to be eco-friendly aren’t the only thing that sets Top It apart. From immaculate custom window art to fun decorations, Ken spares no expense when it comes to giving his customer an unforgettable experience when they walk into his store.

Ken has experimented with different themes including Super Heroes for summer, Celtic for St. Patrick's day, and a parisian theme for Valentine’s day. Customers absolutely love the unique experience they have every time they visit Top It.

This year, Ken has chosen to go all out with a theme that has special meaning to him – the Titanic. Ken was seven years old when the wreckage of the Titanic was discovered, since then he has been fascinated by the story and the ship. He wanted to share his passion with his customers, especially the kids, who love the Titanic as much as he does.

The Big Piece

The hallmark of the Titanic theme is the Big Piece, a 1:1 replica of the largest segment of the Titanic’s hull that has been recovered. This 20 ft x 26 ft reconstruction will be incredibly accurate. Ken has even had the original company that made the Titanic’s portholes in 1910 create perfect reproductions for his model.

The Big Piece

The current progress on The Big Piece

Why He Does It

Ken puts his whole soul into making Top It Frozen Yogurt Shoppe an unforgettable experience for his customers. It’s hard work keeping a small business afloat, but he told us that the joy of working with his family and creating a place where people chose to come spend time with each other makes it all worth it. Plus, with innovative solutions like our paper cup divider from Frozen Dessert Supplies, Ken ensures that every serving is not only delicious but also environmentally friendly. If you are in Snohomish Washington, or plan to visit soon, don’t miss the chance to visit Top It Frozen Yogurt Shoppe. And don’t forget to say hi to Ken, who will be happy to share his story and passion with you!

If you are in Snohomish Washington, or plan to visit soon, don’t miss the chance to visit Top It Frozen Yogurt Shoppe. And don’t forget to say hi to Ken, who will be happy to share his story and passion with you!

  Learn more about Top It by visiting their website, Facebook, and Instagram.



Tim is the CEO and people builder of In his free time, he enjoys being with his family, collecting watches, and Classic Mini Coopers.

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