Paper Yogurt Cup Dividers

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      Introducing our new Paper Yogurt Cup Dividers. These dividers, also known as paper cup dividers or yogurt cup dividers, fit our 16 oz cups perfectly.

      These paper yogurt cup dividers are made with FDA-approved materials and can divide our 16 oz frozen yogurt cup into two or three sections.

      Studies have been done, and our data shows that customers love these paper cup dividers and yogurt cup dividers. 33% of customers will choose to use a divider when given the chance. The better news is that customers who use a divider, on average, will purchase 15 - 20% more frozen yogurt and toppings.

      These paper cup dividers and yogurt cup dividers are made from paper that is 100% recyclable and is an earth-friendly way to add some creativity and differentiate your store from others.

      What are the things to check when choosing paper cup dividers?

      When selecting paper cup dividers, including Paper Yogurt Cup Dividers, for yogurt cups, two key factors to consider are functionality and style.

      Functionality: Paper cup dividers should be designed to securely separate individual yogurt cups, preventing them from touching or spilling during storage or transportation. Look for dividers with snug compartments that fit the cups properly, ensuring stability and minimizing the risk of leakage.

      Style: Choose paper cup dividers that enhance the visual appeal of your yogurt packaging. Consider options that complement your brand colors or feature attractive designs to create an appealing presentation for your customers. Whether you prefer plain dividers for a clean, modern look or printed dividers to add a touch of creativity, selecting dividers that align with your brand aesthetic enhances the overall customer experience.