Eco Friendly & Bio-degradable Paper Cups

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      Introducing our UNIQIFY® Eco-Friendly Compostable Ice Cream Cups! The very first colorful, disposable, and biodegradable cups on the market. Made from compostable paper and soy ink these eco-friendly disposable cups are great to enjoy a hot or cold meal from. 

      Leak-Resistant Paper Construction: in addition to the durable paper, the interior of the biodegradable paper cups feature a coated polyethylene to help reduce leaking from the cup itself. 

      For Cold and Hot Desserts: most of these eco-friendly paper cups are an ideal cup for cold desserts, such as ice cream or frozen yogurt. But they also serve a good purpose for hot desserts like rice pudding or a warm pie. 

      Compostable & Eco-Friendly

       These cups are fully compostable! They’ll completely break down in a compost bin. Even the colorful ones! We print our eco-friendly cups with soy-based ink that doesn’t hinder composting. These eco-friendly cups won’t rot in a landfill for thousands of years like styrofoam or plastic would. Our paper ice cream cups are a friend to the environment. Simple, bright, and eco-friendly biodegradable paper cups. You can finally have a truly compostable cup for your ice cream. Your customers will love it, and the earth will too!

      Vibrant & Clean

      These are the first brightly-colored and eco-friendly cups on the market. Our soy ink is vibrant and fun! We offer ten colors: white, Kraft brown, pink, green, blue, red, orange, yellow, black, and purple. You don’t have to compromise your love for bright colors or your love for the environment! Our eco-cups are bright, fun, and environmentally friendly. Most eco-friendly cups have big, bold logos on the outside. You don’t have to worry about that here. Our biodegradable cups don’t have any logos on the outside. They’re clean and classy. We want your brand to be the one to shine! We also provide custom ice cream cups for personalized brandings