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How To Set Up Your Ice Cream Bar

Everyone loves a good bar -- an ice cream bar, that is! If you and all of your friends love ice cream, then why not host an ice cream party complete with your own ice cream bar? Whether ice cream is the focus of your get together or just dessert, you can't go wrong with this delectable treat. Research by NPD Group shows that 40% of Americans will eat ice cream in any given two-week period, so it's clear that your ice cream party will be a hit with your guests. You just need to know how to spice it up!

Now, it's understandable that there is a lot of pressure when it comes to choosing the right frozen treats and accessories for your bar, but there are some simple things you can do to make your ice cream bar the best one you and your friends have ever seen. Let's take a look at a few tips.

Ice Cream and Gelato

When it comes to choosing the right flavors for the job, sometimes going plain is the best option. This is especially true when setting up an ice cream sundae bar, as the toppings and accouterments are half the fun. With a plain choice of chocolate or vanilla, you're giving your guests the freedom to spice their dessert up with a plethora of toppings. Aside from the flavor, it's important to note that some people may have allergies to milk, nuts, or fruit. By excluding any ice cream that comes with nuts or fruit in it, and by offering your guests a lactose-free ice cream option, you'll be able to allow everyone to take part in the ice cream party fun.

One of the best parts of ice cream is what you put on top. First, consider the sprinkles. Sprinkles come in many different shapes, flavors, and colors, but don't skimp on the sweet stuff. The more you have, the merrier! Once you have the sprinkles covered, it's time to start thinking about the whipped cream and hot fudge. Make sure the fudge is hot enough, but not burning so that it doesn't hurt the mouths of those who want to eat it. Also, don't forget the cherries! For a list of our other favorite ice cream toppings, check out this list of the most popular ice cream sundae toppings.

Once you have the ice cream and the toppings, you need to give your guests something to actually eat the ice cream with! Supplying your ice cream buffet with paper ice cream cups, spoons, lids, and containers is a must! While you can always make do with bowls or cheap styrofoam options, purchasing your own paper ice cream cups, colored spoons, and frozen dessert supplies is a better option. You can even purchase custom printed ice cream cups for an unforgettable party that will be a sure hit on social media.

Everyone loves ice cream, and they can love your ice cream bar even more if you follow the tips listed above. Take those ideas and spice up your ice cream party's main feature.

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