Top Ten Foods to Pair with Your Ice Cream Sundae

Much like the way coffee is better with donuts, ice cream sundaes are better when paired with something yummy. Whether it's sweet or salty, your ice cream shop can benefit greatly from adding some food items! Here are the top ten foods to pair with your ice cream sundae.

1. Waffles

Who doesn't love a decked-out waffle? Waffles are perfect for ice cream sundaes. You can make a waffle sundae as you would a regular ice cream sundae, but use a waffle on a plate instead of in an ice cream sundae cup. Try it with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge!

Waffle With Ice Cream

                             2. French Fries

French Fries

The salty crunch of a french fry is the perfect complement to ice cream sundaes. They balance the sweetness of your ice cream and bring it all together.

Try it with chocolate ice cream and crushed Snickers!

3. Donuts

Just like donuts and coffee, donuts and ice cream sundaes are good friends. They're both sweet and delicious! Serve it as a garnish for your ice cream sundae or make an ice cream sandwich with a donut as the cookies.Try it with coffee ice cream and rainbow sprinkles!

Donuts with Ice Cream

                                                        4. Graham Crackers

Graham Crackers

Graham crackers are sweet and crunchy, perfect for ice cream! You can make a s'mores ice cream sundae. Your customers are sure to love it.Try it with chocolate ice cream and marshmallow cream!

5. Brownies

Everybody loves a brownie ice cream sundae! A warm and gooey brownie and a scoop of ice cream: there's nothing better.

Try it with cookies and cream ice cream and Magic Shell chocolate sauce!


                                   6. Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken may not sound like a friend to ice cream but it is! Think of chicken and waffles. The sweet and savory are perfectly matched to create the greatest ice cream sundae.

Try it with vanilla ice cream and maple syrup!

7. Granola

Everyone knows granola goes well with smoothies, why not add that to a sweeter treat? Sprinkle some granola on your ice cream sundae for a nice, sweet crunch.

Try it with strawberry ice cream!

granola with milk

                                                                                             8. Pie

Apple Pie With Ice Cream

Who doesn't love some ice cream with pie? Whether it's a Thanksgiving pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream or apple pie with caramel swirl ice cream, you can't go wrong.

Try pecan pie with butter pecan ice cream!

9. Pretzels

Pretzels add the perfect salty crunch to your ice cream sundae. They're the perfect complement to your sweet and creamy ice cream.

Try it with chocolate chunk ice cream and caramel sauce!

Pretzels With Ice Cream

                                  10. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Sauce

Peanut butter is salty and delicious! It's a great way to add a twist to your traditional hot fudge sundae. Instead of adding just hot fudge, add peanut butter sauce too! Don't forget a cherry too.

Try it with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge!

Ice cream sundaes don't have to just be ice cream and hot fudge! Pairing your ice cream sundae with a new food item is the perfect way to add something fun to your ice cream shop! Check our ice cream cups with lids.



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