UNIQ® Pint 16 oz Premium Cowabunga Ice Cream To Go Containers With Non-Vented Lids

UNIQ® Pint 16 oz Premium Cowabunga Ice Cream To Go Containers With Non-Vented Lids


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 Pieces Per Case: 250 cups and 250 lids

Introducing our UNIQ® Pint 16 oz Premium Cowabunga Ice Cream To-Go Containers with Non-Vented Lids! A great way to store your food, and a very stylish one as well!

Holds Everything

Because of its thin protective coating, these containers don’t leave your food with a papery taste. Liquid can’t escape, even after food being stored for weeks! It works for to-go orders or storage. These 16 oz containers can hold anything. Your food is safe!

Perfectly Fitted Lids

Our lids and containers were a match made in heaven (or your store). They fit together perfectly so you don’t have to worry about spills or leaks! Because the lid is non-vented, there isn’t any room for your food to escape. The cold (or heat) stays in so you don’t have to worry. These lids fit our 16 oz containers perfectly so your food stays safe and spill-free.

Fully Recyclable 

Our 16 oz containers are made of durable paperboard with a thin layer of polyethylene coating. They are fully recyclable and FDA approved. Your customers will have peace of mind knowing how small the environmental impact of these containers is. They won’t have to worry about these containers ending up in a landfill since they're recyclable! If you’re interested in more eco-friendly options, click here.

Available for Custom Branding

When your cups say your name, your customers won’t forget it! Branding your containers is free advertising for you. Every time your customers carry your food out of the store, your logo goes with them, like a walking billboard! For these 16 oz to-go containers with non-vented lids, orders with custom designs only have a 20,000 cup order minimum.

To learn more about custom-branded cups, click here or email our custom branding team at custombranding@frozendessertsupplies.com.

Top Diameter: 3.842"
Bottom Diameter: 2.943"
Height: 3.882"


UNIQ® 16 oz Premium CowabungaTo Go Containers and Lids Details
Quantity Full Case is 250 Containers and 250 Lids. Can Order Smaller Amounts
Color White and Black
Eco-Friendly Recyclable
Material FDA Approved Paper
Case Dimensions 20" x 16" x 16"
Case Weight 14 lbs
Cases Per Pallet 20