Gelato Cups

      16 products

      16 products

      There are few foods more satisfying than a cold scoop of gelato. Some think of it as ice cream’s younger sibling, but we at Frozen Dessert Supplies know it deserves special attention. That’s why we have special cups and bowls just for your gelato!

      Perfect for Your Gelato Supply!

      Gelato is denser than traditional ice cream. That’s why we have cups specifically for gelato! They’re made from strong plastic, perfect for your gelato. Our gelato cups are made with your treats in mind -- they’re colorful, bright, and durable. There’s a style for any store. 

      Options for Any Style and Budget!

      Our cups are the best option for your budget and your gelato supply. They’re the best quality available for the price. Try our UNIQ Petali Color-Changing Cups to display your bright, colorful gelato, our UNIQ Venere cups for smaller portions, or our UNIQ Sopraffina gelato cups with a wider lip to hold more of your gelato.

      Gelato is truly a one-of-a-kind dessert. When you want to offer your customers the gelato experience they deserve, you need the right gelato supplies to do it. Serve your guests the gelato they have always wanted in the perfect cups to take their experience to the next level. Our gelato cups are the best option for your shop. Contact us today with any questions or concerns. We love hearing from you!