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What State Loves Ice Cream the Most? Check Out the Scoop Here

Walk down any neighborhood street during the summertime, or even check out social media, and you're bound to find evidence that America loves its ice cream. In fact, Americans 90% of Americans say they indulge on a regular basis, adding up to an average of 28.5 occasions per year per person when ice cream is on the menu.

Throughout the summer, it's likely that Americans across the country will post, Instagram, Snapchat and tweet about their ice cream cups, cones, and other frozen creations. But which state loves ice cream the most?

Recently, Twitter had the same question. So it took 30 million tweets and crunched the numbers, ultimately discovering that Nevada is the state that tweets the most frequently about the frozen dessert. Coming in second and third were Alabama and Texas.

So how did they do it? Twitter looked at all of the ice-cream related tweets between the dates of March 1 and May 18 of this year.

Among other findings, Twitter discovered that "Brownie" was listed as the top flavor in all top-three ranking states. Additionally, Cookie Dough was favored by by a number of states, including Kansas and Indiana.

As for the old classics, chocolate and vanilla, the two were used in the control group -- the ones that are always tweeted about. Even though vanilla remains the most popular flavor among consumers, Twitter stats show that people talk about chocolate ice cream more.

In the western part of the United States, ice cream eaters fill their tasting spoons and Twitter feeds with coffee-flavored ice cream. Other beloved ice cream flavors include mint chocolate and strawberry.

And what about you? Your state may not be the most popular for ice cream, but that doesn't mean you can't partake. What flavors do you find your spoons dipping into most often? Let us know in the comments below!

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