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Simple Swaps And Supplies For A More Eco-Friendly Birthday Party

Everyone loves a good birthday party. Sharing cake and ice cream, opening presents, and admiring decorations are just a few of the pleasures that come with a traditional American birthday celebration.

However, now may be the time to change up birthday traditions. As we become more aware of how human habits impact the planet, reevaluating the way we celebrate can help us cut back on pollution, waste, and carbon emissions.

If you're hosting a birthday party, take a moment to think of ways to enjoy the occasion while minimizing environmental harm. Here are a few easy steps anyone can take for a more eco-friendly birthday party:

Skip the Goody Bags and Plastic Decorations

Many of the biggest party pollution culprits come from accessories that aren't really necessary to the party itself. Goody bags, for example, are often made with non-biodegradable plastic and filled with wrapped candy and plastic toys. Try more eco-friendly party favors instead. You could send kids home with a reusable tote and a beach towel for a summer party, or even hand out a small coloring book with crayons. Re-think decorations, too-- for example, instead of plastic tablecloths, try real linens. Exchange plastic centerpieces for wildflowers, and skip balloons entirely if you can.

Keep a Recycling Bin Available

Inspire guests to embrace your sustainable party by keeping a few recycling containers close by. Encourage friends to recycle cans and bottles as well as paper products. You can even go above and beyond by supplying separate receptacles for glass, plastic, and paper. With these bins, your guests will know exactly where to toss their eco-friendly paper drinking straws or empty beverage bottles.

Swap Out Plastic for Paper Flatware and Utensils

While it would be ideal to offer reusable flatware and silverware, for larger parties, this method just isn't practical. When possible, choose paper dessert supplies for your cake and ice cream enjoyment. Eco-friendly paper drinking straws and napkins made from recycled materials are both great options for hosting a more sustainable party.

Have a Plan for Leftover Food

The U.S. produces about 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and similar desserts every year. Disturbingly, between 30 and 40% of all food produced is never eaten but instead ends up in the trash. Combat food waste by sending guests home with leftover snacks and desserts. Invite friends to bring their own Tupperware, or supply reusable to-go containers yourself to spread the leftover love.

Birthday celebrations don't have to be wasteful. With a few easy steps, your party can be fun for your guests and the planet. For more information or to stock up on eco-friendly paper drinking straws and other sustainable party supplies, contact Frozen Desserts Supplies today!

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Simple Swaps And Supplies For A More Eco-Friendly Birthday Party