Hot Treats to Match Your Ice Cream

Now that we've survived the arctic blast that hit America, maybe ice cream isn't the best idea for a dessert. We're kidding, that's crazy talk! Too many people let ice cream containers sit idle in the cold months. We're not going to let that happen. What we do know is that hot-cold combos are a fun way to give desserts a range of delicious temperatures.

June may be the month that takes the cake (sweet joke, right?) for the most ice cream produced, but that won't stop us from eating it during the winter. Here are some nifty ways to heat up your cold treats when the weather begs for something toastier.

Cookies and brownies

You can get creative with anything that's a dessert pastry, but these are our personal favorites. Cookies and brownies are common desserts that end up being leftover from the holidays (and random occasions like whenever the craving strikes). What you do is take your cookies or brownies and break them up into bite-sized little pieces. Then put them on a plate/tray and give them some time in the oven or microwave. Our favorite use is dropping the warmed dessert bites right into ice cream containers that are just about empty and having a combined hot and cold snack. It doesn't matter how you approach it, hot dessert bites with your ice cream build delightful frozen treats.

Pie, obviously

We couldn't forget to mention the pie. We love pie. Everyone loves pie. A warm slice of pie with a scoop of your favorite ice cream takes your taste buds for a spin. You've likely been having this style of dessert combination since you were a kid. Grab a piece of pie -- your call on what pie it is -- warm it up and eat it mixed with your choice of ice cream. We've been into the combination of pecan pie and chocolate ice cream. There's something about that mix that's so delicious.

For the adults

We have to put something in here for the big kids who are over 21 years old. This takes a little experimentation, so put on your bartender hat and mix it up. A decent splash of whiskey or rum on vanilla ice cream gives it the perfect amount of warmth to body and soul. Those spirits naturally have some vanilla notes to them, so they run well with vanilla ice cream while softening the strength of the spirit. Try things out with whatever you enjoy, but when dealing with spirited desserts, be sure to "eat" responsibly.

Whether straight out of ice cream containers or going out for dessert, ice cream is the best. Don't let the cold weather convince you to wait until summer. Ice cream is just as good in the cold and dances delightfully with warmer dessert friends. Spring off these ideas and find out what you'd suggest!

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