Best Alternatives To Use Instead Of A Plastic Straw

Starbucks is just one of the many stores in 2018 to start banning the use of plastic products in their stores, specifically plastic straws. Luckily, there are straw alternatives for those who need straws in their life, whether they can't imagine a life without them, or whether they need them for various health reasons.

Paper straws

Paper straws are a great disposable alternative for the person on the go. Many paper straw options come in fun colors and different sizes. However, for those individuals who need straws to drink warm or beverages, these straw options have a tendency to break apart quickly.

For cold beverages, however, paper straws are a great alternative to their plastic counterparts. Their varying thicknesses make them usable for a simple glass of water or a thick and creamy milkshake. Eco-friendly paper straws are the perfect answer to stop-and-go coffee shops and holiday parties hosting an ice cream buffet.

Metal straws

Metal straws are a type of reusable straw made from durable stainless steel. These straws are resistant to rust and are easy to clean with a cleaner. Some straw companies are even making a collapsible version to take on the go!

Glass straws

These are best for home use. A beautiful glass straw is easy to clean due to its transparency and thick enough to survive a few drops on the floor. However, this material is breakable, so be careful.

Bamboo straws

This is a type of all-natural reusable straw made from a renewable resource. Though these straws are not dishwasher safe and need special storage to prevent mold accumulation, the savvy environmentalist will likely feel the best using this great option.

No straws

For the individual that doesn't need a straw, you can always sip from the edge of the lip. There's no shame in not using a straw if you don't need one.

For individuals who need straws to drink, there's no shame in using plastic. However, these alternative options are a great solution for some cold beverages and group events. It's important to find reusable options everywhere you can; June was the most popular month for ice cream production, so look into eco-friendly paper drinking straws before the ice cream is gone!

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