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5 Sneaky Ways to Have Ice Cream For Every Meal of the Day

With temperatures rising, more and more people are looking for excuses to eat ice cream. After all, June is the month where most ice cream is produced. If you are like the 90% of households that regularly indulge in ice cream, then you're in luck, because now, there's a way to indulge in the frozen dessert for every meal of the day.

Frozen Yogurt Breakfast Parfait
Frozen yogurt is low in fat and high in protein and makes the perfect pairing for a number of breakfast food favorites, like granola, fruits, nuts, cereal, and even bacon! Like a regular yogurt parfait, layer your yogurt cup with the toppings of choice and finish off with a crumbling of bacon and a drizzle of honey. With over 2,000 frozen yogurt shops across the country, you won't be hard-pressed to find this frozen dessert treat!

Banana 'Nice Cream' Waffle Sandwiches
The night before, cut up ultra-ripe bananas and freeze them. In the morning, blend with honey, cinnamon and a pinch of salt. Place two waffles in the toaster, and scoop your frozen banana ice cream mixture on each side. Add whatever toppings you want and enjoy!

Chocolate Protein Smoothie
Whether it's right before the gym or in place of lunch, a chocolate protein milkshake will always hit the spot! Simply take your favorite chocolate ice cream (don't be afraid to put some on your tasting spoon for samples!) and add it to a blender with milk and two scoops of your protein powder of choice. Blend until smooth and voila! A protein-packed delicious lunch!

Frozen Yogurt Bark
Perfect for a snack at any time of the day, this frozen yogurt bark is actually made of regular yogurt that you place in the freezer. To make this healthy snack, spread frozen yogurt on a Silpat baking sheet. Top with berries, chocolate chips, nuts, or seeds and freeze.

Chicken, Waffles, and Ice Cream
Before we lose you here, just think about this flavor combination. The fatty salt in the chicken combines perfectly with the creamy sweetness of the ice cream, especially when met with the waffle.

How do you eat ice cream? Let us know your unconventional recipes below!
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