5 Colorful Theme Ideas For Your Store's Next Ice Cream Social

When your store throws an event like an ice cream social, you know that the local community will come out to indulge in sweet treats and socialize with friends. To keep attendees coming, you'll need a fun theme that entices people from near and far to come to your store. Try out one of these theme ideas to liven up your ice cream shop's next community event.

  1. 1950s Soda Shoppe
    What better way is there to remind the community of your ice cream shop's importance than throwing it back to the days when a town's "Soda Shoppe" was the local watering hole? Invest in vintage decorations and encourage everyone to dress in their best mid-century get-up. As malts were a staple of any good soda shoppe, be sure to break out your milkshake machine, color changing straws, and paper drinking straws well in advance. While ice cream typically contains over 50% air after the churning process, the thickness of milkshakes requires supplies that are a bit sturdier.
  2. Tropical Getaway
    Take your shop from the cold dredges of winter to a sandy shore by throwing an ice cream social with a tropical theme. Attendees will welcome the escape and the tropical environment will entice them to eat as much ice cream as they can. Invest in inflatable palm trees and flamingos, and don't forget to top all of your frozen treats with cocktail umbrellas.
  3. Candy Land Come To Life
    If you've been looking for an excuse to use your stock of colored spoons, a Candy Land party is exactly what you need. Splash your shop's walls with vibrant decorations and recreate the iconic game board by changing the layout of your tables and chairs. Kids will love seeing their beloved board game come to life, and they'll have a blast dressing up like King Kandy and Princess Frostine.
  4. Disco Fever
    For a more adult event, there's no better way to get grown-ups in your shop than reminding them of the disco craze. Rent a disco ball and hang it right in the center of your shop. Hold a costume contest for the grooviest attire and get every guest on the dance floor with ice cream cups in hand.
  5. Fairy Tale Fantasy
    People of all ages love escaping into the classic fairy tales. Turn your shop into this escape with whimsical decorations, colored spoons in every dessert cup, and ice cream flavors for each iconic fairy tale. You could even hold a story hour or hire a princess impersonator to keep the kids entertained.

No matter which theme you choose, you'll need the right supplies. Contact Frozen Dessert Supplies today to get all of the materials you need to throw the perfect themed event.

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