3 Sweet Ways To Celebrate The End Of Summer

Summer is coming to a close and temperatures are starting to cool down. But you still have time to celebrate the season before the kids head back to school and the leaves start to change. Both the young and the young-at-heart will be sure to enjoy these three sweet ways to give summer the perfect send-off.

  1. Go to an amusement park 
    Many amusement parks close for the season right after Labor Day (though some stay open through September), so now's the time to visit a local favorite or explore a new one on a day trip. It's your chance to fit in all of the roller coasters, water rides, and arcade games you can. Plus, there'll be plenty of French fries, cotton candy, and other desserts to be had. Just be sure to check the park's website before you head out. 

  2. Throw an ice cream party 
    Americans consume frozen desserts around 28.5 times per year, but ice cream is the quintessential summer staple. Those dog days of summer wouldn't be the same without a vanilla cone or flavored gelato cups! A last summer hurrah will be perfect for using those delicious ice cream and gelato cups. Invite all your friends and neighbors, dance around in the sprinklers, and take plenty of pictures to savor the flavor and the memories. With a party like this, the end of summer will only be sweet -- no bitterness involved. 

  3. Camp out in the backyard 
    For many families, going to a real campground can be tough, especially with all the preparations required during back-to-school time. But camping out in your backyard can be a fantastic weekend activity that'll give your kids an introduction to the great outdoors. Go on a nature walk, play outdoor games, look for wildlife, and try to identify the constellations you spot in the night sky. Even if you're extremely close to home, you'll still have a great time pretending. Plus, roughing it will be a lot less rough. 

Whether you choose to bid farewell to the summer season with thrill rides, gelato cups, or campfire stories, you'll be sure to enjoy this bit of quality time before transitioning into fall.

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