The History of the Most Common Ice Cream Flavors

While the International Ice Cream Association reports that vanilla remains the most popular flavor among its customers with 28% preferring that flavor, there are plenty of other options out there for those looking for something new. Have you ever wondered exactly where different flavors have come from, and what inspired their creation? Grab your tasting spoon and dig in -- we're about to make your desserts come alive!

Seen today as a plain and simple flavor, vanilla was originally used as a way to enhance the flavor of drinking chocolate. This first happened when French dessert purveyors found that these flavors worked exceptionally well while hot, and decided to freeze the same concoction. This was the invention of French vanilla. Food scientists believe that vanilla has been the most popular flavor of ice cream for more than two centuries due to its straight-to-the-point simple, yet, deep and complex, flavorings.

It seems quite rare to find someone who doesn't like chocolate, doesn't it? However, chocolate was only brought to the global stage with the discovery of the Americas. The ancient Mayan people typically drank chocolate from the cacao bean, flavored with chili beans and other spices to give it a kick. This drink was seen as quite the luxury and was typically only consumed by the rich elite, so European explorers brought the plant home and put a spin on it.

Completing the classic Neapolitan flavor combination, strawberry was one of the first ice cream flavors ever created. It was first served in 1744 when Maryland Governor Thomas Bladen would serve it to visiting guests. This pink flavor has actually grown with such fervor that every year on January 15, Americans celebrate National Strawberry Ice Cream day!

With the history of these three common ice cream flavors in mind, you sure will have a few things to think about the next time you take a glance into your ice cream cup. Now you will have some interesting food for thought next time you enjoy your dessert!

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