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      Our disposable paper ice cream cups are essential products for your concession stand or ice cream shop and are ideal for serving sundaes, scoops of ice cream, or swirls of delicious frozen yogurt. Standard ice cream or frozen yogurt cups are available, as well as cups for sundaes and bulk containers for customers who want to take large quantities of ice cream home. We also carry disposable frozen yogurt cups in a variety of sizes, allowing you to buy in bulk and offering your customers a variety of options.

      Customers who want to dine in or take their frozen treats to go will appreciate our ice cream serving cups. Plastic cups are durable and crack resistant, while poly-coated paper cups are leak resistant and come in a variety of appealing colors and designs. We also have compatible lids for a variety of options, so your customers can enjoy their sweet treats on the go without fear of spills.

      By stocking up on our disposable ice cream paper containers, you can easily serve delicious soft-serve ice cream, homemade dipped ice cream, or frozen yogurt covered in candy toppings. In the spring and summer, ice cream and frozen yogurt are popular desserts. Many customers prefer to take their treat with them, and these disposable ice cream cups make this possible. In addition, these products are disposable, so when your customers are finished with them, they can simply throw them away, saving you time on cleanup. Check out our ice cream lids, disposable spoons, sundae cups, and waffle cone supplies that might suit your needs. You might also consider our soft-serve ice cream mix, to-go containers, and ice cream flavoring as well.

      Reinforced Seams Prevent Leaks:

      These paper ice cream cups are constructed with sturdy paper that present liquid from leaking through. The coated polyethylene interior helps reduce the risk of any annoying messes or spills. 

      Comfortable to Hold & Carry:

      Our ice cream paper containers are designed to keep messy foods in the cup. The compact design lets customers have a comfortable hold when walking around any party or event. 

      Pair with Perfectly engineered Lids:

      Not only are our paper ice creams cups are designed for style and mess free, they are perfectly constructed to fit our lids. These lids will help the leak-resistant function and trap any hot or cold moisture from leaving the ice cream cup. 

      Selection of Sizes to Choose From: 

      Here at Frozen Dessert Supplies, we have the sizes for you. Our paper ice cream cups range from 3oz-64oz ice cream cups. Choose from ice cream serving cups colors such as kraft brown, black, white, green, gray, red and orange. 

      These are the best quality ice cream cups you will find!