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      6 products

      When it comes to ice cream, cones are king. There’s nothing like getting a cone piled with your favorite ice cream and eating that treat from the top scoop to the tip of the cone. As one of the most iconic ice cream vessels, waffle cones are essential in completing this picture. 

      At Frozen Dessert Supplies, we have everything you need to make waffle cones of your very own. Creating these tasty treats may seem complicated, but with the right waffle cone supplies, the process becomes very simple. For your cone concocting needs, Frozen Dessert Supplies offers a classic waffle cone mix and the molding tool to form that iconic cone. 

      The exact recipe for the perfect cone is up to you, but the steps to making it are fairly straightforward:

      • Step One: Make the batter. After years of experience in the ice cream business, we recommend that you use our Old Fashioned Waffle Cone Mix. This tried and true mix will give you the delicious waffle cones of your childhood. Before moving on to the next step, be sure that your batter is thin and smooth.
      • Step Two: Cook the batter. You can use a griddle, small skillet, or pizzelle iron to cook your waffle cones. Whichever you use, heat it up over medium heat and coat it with nonstick cooking spray. Place a tablespoon of batter on your cooking instrument in a circle and cook each side until it's golden. 
      • Step Three: Form the cone. Remove the waffle from the heat and use the efficient forming tool from Frozen Dessert Supplies to mold your cone into the right shape. Remember to work quickly so that your newly cooked batter holds on to its warmth and remains malleable for your needs. Squeeze the end to seal the cone and then place it on a wire rack to cool.

      While the waffle cone supplies from Frozen Dessert Supplies are certainly necessary in your journey to make the perfect cone, the process will ultimately be up to you. Don’t hesitate to play around with the steps to find ones that give you the cones that you want.

      Just remember to rely on Frozen Dessert Supplies for all of your waffle cone supplies and other dessert needs. Contact our experienced team today by calling us at 480-428-1999, sending us an email, or filling out our simple online form.