Cowabunga Cow Print Cups

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      UNIQIFY® 4 oz Cowabunga Black Ice Cream Cups

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      UNIQIFY® 8 oz Cowabunga Black Ice Cream Cups

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      UNIQIFY® 12 oz Cowabunga Black Ice Cream Cups

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      UNIQIFY® Pint 16 oz Premium Cowabunga Ice Cream To Go Containers With Non-Vented Lids

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      UNIQIFY® 16 oz Cowabunga Black Ice Cream Cups

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      UNIQIFY® 6 oz Cowabunga Black Ice Cream Cups

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      These UNIQ® Cowabunga cow print cups are among the first of our Premium Line and are extremely high-quality printing and paper. The name Cowabunga is perfect for these amazing high-quality cups. Cowabunga is defined as "a yell of exhilaration" or "an exclamation of delight or satisfaction."

      This is exactly the response we have gotten from everyone who has had the honor of laying their hands and eyes on these cow cups made of paper! Our cow cups are a game changer for customers, these cow print cups are made out of the best polyethylene coated paper that will help the cup be leak-resistant for a less messy experience. 

      What are Our Cow Print Cups?

      This collection holds some of our top cups, our cow print cups are made from quality paper that has a polyethylene coat interior to provide a leak-resistant feature to prevent leaks coming from the cow cup. This makes these cow print paper cups have a durable to not only be warm-tight but they are able to handle warm-liquids as well.

      Lid Compatible?

      Yes, each of our different cow print cups have compatible lids to them. Now, you can use can continue to use your favorite style of cup on-the-go. Our cow print paper cups provides an option that you do not need to sacrifice any of your cups sizes that you offer. These lids will fit perfectly tight and help eliminate spills. 

      These Cow cups come in different sizes like 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz and a 16oz to-go container. There are also flat and dome lids that will match the cups as well. 

      Cow print cups are one of our best selling items, come get them before we run out!!

      They also match perfectly with our Cowabunga Paper Straws and Pints!

      Leak Resistant

      Customers love these cow print cups. These cow cups are coated in a polyethylene coating, thus making these cups leak-resistant and durable. These cow-print cups can even handle hot liquids!

      Lid Compatible

      These cow print paper cups fit with our paper cup lids. These cow print cups make the perfect to-go ice cream container. With disposable lids these cow cups create a secure seal.

      What Else Are These Cups Used For?

      These cow print paper cups are used for froyo, toppings, custard, fruit, jello, soups, salads, and much more!