Heavy Duty Ice Cream Spoons

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      Everyone knows the frustration that comes with breaking your spoon on your favorite dessert. Whether it's due to cheap plastic, poor manufacturing, or heat-sensitive products, you should never have to deal with spoons that fall apart while you're using them. That's why the experts at Frozen Dessert Supplies only offer the best in heavy-duty ice cream and yogurt spoons. When you're looking for quality plastic products or eco-friendly wooden options for your customers, rely on our selection of durable products to handle any food you're serving.
      Here are just some of the benefits you can experience when your ice cream shop or restaurant chooses heavy-duty spoons from Frozen Dessert Supplies. Your customers will love the rich feeling of these durable spoons, whether you're serving frozen yogurt or any other delectable treat. These frozen yogurt spoons are made from heavyweight polypropylene and are designed to stand up to the coldest ice creams and hottest pies around. The heavy-duty spoons are made with superior strength that will not crack or break with moderate pressure. This is a way you can show your guests that you care about being eco-friendly with our heavy-duty plastic spoons or heavy-duty wooden spoons.

      If you're worried about melting, breaking, or bending, these heavy-duty spoons won't concern you in the slightest. If you don't like plastic spoons, don't worry: Frozen Dessert Supplies also offers the best wooden heavy-duty frozen dessert spoons around! These FDA-approved heavy-duty spoons are carved from smooth birchwood. They're devoid of scratches, splinters, and pits, serving as a safe option for any ice cream shop. These products are also 100% biodegradable, making them great for eco-friendly shops across the United States.
      Both of our plastic and wooden spoon are made to withstand heat up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, this is perfect for using these heavy duty spoons are hot and cold foods. 
      Manufactured with a strong handle, these yogurt spoons are also designed to fit comfortably in any hand, regardless of shape or size. Whether you're enjoying ice cream with your grandma or child, you'll rest easy knowing that these heavy-duty plastic spoons are accessible to just about anyone.

      Benefits of Heavy-Duty Spoons

      Durable Construction: Our heavy-duty yogurt and plastic ice cream spoons are crafted from heavyweight polypropylene, ensuring superior strength that withstands the coldest ice creams and hottest desserts without cracking or breaking under pressure.
      Eco-Friendly Options: Choose from our selection of heavy-duty plastic or wooden spoons, both of which are eco-friendly. Our wooden spoons are FDA-approved and 100% biodegradable, making them perfect for environmentally conscious businesses.
      Heat Resistant: Withstanding temperatures up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, our heavy-duty spoons are suitable for both hot and cold desserts, ensuring they won't melt, break, or bend during use.
      Comfortable Design: Designed with a strong handle that fits comfortably in any hand, our spoons are accessible to everyone, regardless of age or hand size. Enjoy your favorite desserts with confidence and ease.
      Trust Frozen Dessert Supplies for heavy-duty spoons that enhance your customers' dining experience while offering unmatched durability and reliability.

      Why Choose Frozen Dessert Supplies for Heavy-Duty Spoons?

      At Frozen Dessert Supplies, our dedication to excellence as the #1 distributor of ice cream supplies in the US is evident in our commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality. Our heavy-duty plastic spoons stand out for their durability and reliability, ensuring they can handle the toughest frozen treats with ease. What sets us apart is our eco-friendly approach, offering compostable options that align with our commitment to sustainability. We prioritize transparency and customization, providing clear pricing and customizable printing options to meet your specific needs.
      Moreover, our customer-centric approach means that we value your feedback and continuously strive to improve our products and services based on your input. With Frozen Dessert Supplies, you're not just getting heavy-duty spoons—you're getting a partner dedicated to exceeding your expectations and enhancing your ice cream serving experience.