UNIQ® 12 oz Green Ripple Double Wall Paper Cup

UNIQ® 12 oz Green Ripple Double Wall Paper Cup


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Introducing UNIQ® 12 oz Green Ripple Paper Cups. Different. Better.

We are excited to bring you our Ripple Cups! The paper ripple on the side not only looks great, but provides grip for your hand as well. These cups are perfect for cold drinks like water, juice, soda, punch, lemonade, and more! We offer a variety of colors, so you can choose your favorite. Try out our ripple cups for your next pool party, summer BBQ, event, or celebration!

If you have questions about proper storing or serving practices, give us a call at 480-428-1999.

*Lids for these cups HERE. We cannot guarantee that all our lids will fit this style of cup. To ensure a perfect fit please use these 12/16/22 oz Flat Lids.

SKU: FDS102116
Color: Green Ripple Paper Cups
Material: Paper
Case Dimensions: 18x15x17.25 (in)
Case Weight: 20 lbs
Cases Per Pallet: 20
Case Quantity: 500 pcs