UNIQIFY® 12 oz Black Single-Wall Hot Paper Cups - HCF800212

UNIQIFY® 12 oz Black Single Wall Hot Paper Cups


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  • 1 Case = 1000

Introducing the 12 oz Single Layer Black Paper Cups

Elevate your coffee service with our premium 12 oz black coffee cups, perfect for all kinds of beverages and ideal for coffee shops. Crafted with quality in mind, these cups offer both style and functionality for your cafe or homebrew. Made from durable materials, our black coffee cups ensure reliability with every sip, adding a touch of sophistication to your beverage presentation. Whether you're serving up a bold espresso shot or a creamy latte, these versatile cups are designed to accommodate a variety of coffee creations. The sleek black design exudes modern elegance, making them an ideal choice for any coffee lover's collection.

Upgrade your coffee experience today with our 12 oz black cups, the perfect blend of style and substance for your daily brew.


A leaky cup is a hassle no one wants to deal with. Our 12 oz single-layer black paper cups are constructed with a high-quality leakproof design to keep your beverages where they belong. The inner lining is specially treated to handle a variety of drinks without leaking. Whether you’re serving a hot cappuccino or an iced tea, these cups provide the reliable barrier needed to prevent messy spills and leaks.


When holding a larger volume, strength becomes even more critical. Our 12 oz paper cups are built with durability in mind, ensuring they can hold up to the additional weight and heat of more substantial drinks. The sturdy paper material resists tearing and puncturing, keeping its shape even when full. Customers can confidently carry their drink without fear of the cup crumpling or compromising their beverage.

Pair with Lids and Coffee Sleeves

Each 12 oz paper cup is designed to be paired with our custom-fitting lids and protective coffee sleeves. The lids snap on with a precise fit, minimizing the risk of spills as you move through your day. Our coffee sleeves provide a comfortable grip and insulation, making them ideal for hotter beverages that could otherwise be uncomfortable to hold. Together, the cup, lid, and sleeve create a premium drinking experience for your customers, ensuring convenience and safety with every use.

SKU HCF800212
Top Rim Diameter 90 mm
Material Paper
Color Black
Units Per Case 1000
Case Dimensions 14.4" x 17.7" X 17.3"


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