UNIQIFY® Double-Wall Black Hot Paper Cups - 20 oz - HCF120220

UNIQIFY® Double-Wall Black Hot Paper Cups - 20 oz


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  • 1 Case = 500

Enhance your customers' beverage experience with our 20 oz Double-Insulated Paper Cups. These 20 oz black double-wall cups are designed to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, ensuring optimal enjoyment with every sip. Crafted for convenience and durability, these 20 oz black hot cups are perfect for coffee shops and other beverage-serving establishments. The double-wall insulation not only maintains the temperature of the drink but also provides a comfortable grip for your customers.

Whether you're serving up steaming espressos or refreshing iced teas, our 20 oz double-insulated paper cups offer a sleek and practical solution. Elevate your drink service and impress your patrons with these stylish and functional cups.


Experience the peace of mind that comes with our 20 oz black double-insulated paper cups, designed to be completely leakproof. These cups are meticulously crafted to hold your hot beverages securely, ensuring that every drop of coffee reaches its destination. The robust construction prevents any seepage, allowing customers to enjoy their drinks without the worry of spills or stains, whether on the move or at leisure.

Keep Coffee Hotter For Longer Time

Our double-insulated paper cups are engineered to keep your coffee hot for a significantly longer period. The dual layers of insulation provide a superior heat retention barrier, slowing down the cooling process, so your customers can savor their hot drinks at the perfect temperature. This feature is ideal for those who like to take their time enjoying their coffee, providing them with a prolonged and satisfying experience.

Pair With Perfectly Engineered Lids

To complement the high standard of our cups, we offer lids that are perfectly engineered to fit the 20 oz black double-insulated paper cups. These lids are not only secure and snug-fitting but also designed to preserve the integrity of the beverage. The tight seal enhances the insulation properties of the cup, while the well-designed drinking spout provides a comfortable and drip-free sipping experience. Together, the cup and lid combination ensures a premium and convenient experience for the consumer.

SKU HCF120220
Height 5.4 in
Top Rim Diameter 90 mm
Bottom Rim Diameter 58 mm
Capacity 480ml
Material Paper
Color Black
Units Per Case 500
Case Dimensions 19" x 15" x 23"
Case Weight 13 lb


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