Frozen Dessert Supplies is the proud home of the UNIQIFY® brand. We created the UNIQIFY® brand to showcase our absolute best quality products. When you see the UNIQIFY® branding, you know that’s the best quality product on the market.


UNIQIFY® is Different. Better.

This is the tagline for UNIQIFY® -- Different. Better. That’s what our UNIQIFY® products are, different and better. Compared to any other disposable cup, polka dot ice cream cups, spoon, or lid, UNIQIFY® products are better quality and a better price.


We do business differently. We sell directly from our website without you, the customer, having to call a representative or request a catalog. All our prices are listed directly on our website with no hidden fees. We offer fast free shipping on all orders. The most important part of our business is to make shopping with us entirely painless. Your happiness is our priority.


UNIQIFY® products are better quality than anything else on the market. We have better products, better prices, and better customer service. As an award-winning company, we pride ourselves on having the highest quality products and giving the highest quality service.

When shopping at Frozen Dessert Supplies, you know what you’re getting is high quality, especially when a product is branded with UNIQIFY®. That’s our guarantee.

Please Note: Frozen Dessert Supplies does not permit anyone to resell our UNIQIFY® products on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, or any other third-party marketplace.