Colorful Ideas for Your Dessert Chain

We all know for a fact that Americans love their desserts. When we’re not having a healthy serving of peach cobbler after dinner, we’re stuffing our faces with tubs of ice cream.

In the land of the free, there are few things closer to our hearts than our sweet treats. A staggering 90% of American households are likely to indulge in sweet, frozen delicacies. From frozen yogurt and gelato to popsicles and ice cream sandwiches, America has it all and we eat a whole lot of it. So if there’s one place that brings joy and delight to many folks, it’s a place that serves desserts.

With that in mind, you wouldn’t be doing anyone justice by serving your desserts with bland and plain supplies. To stay in line with the blissful flavor of desserts, your cups and cutlery should be a bit lively. Birthday parties and baby showers are great opportunities to experiment with how you serve your dessert.

While making colorful desserts is one thing, making a colorful dessert table is another. Here are a few great ways to make your dessert table and serving materials pop.

Colorful Frozen Yogurt Cups

Kids and adults alike love frozen yogurt. To match with the funky flavors of frozen yogurt, you can opt for colorful frozen yogurt cups and 1.5 gallon plastic containers without lids or opt for colorful cups like 8 oz ice cream cups. These frozen yogurt cups are great complements to the flavors, and kids will fall in love with them instantly. They are also good for brand advertising, as most people will attach the cup's particular color to your particular chain.

Colorful Paper Straws

A craze for stainless steel straws has taken the food scene by storm but -- while the concept is great -- these reusable straws certainly won’t work for ice cream and dessert chains. On the flip side, paper straws are the perfect option for dessert shops. They still allow adults to feel a sweeping wave of nostalgia as they sip their milkshakes and they're easy to use for the little ones. Ultimately, colorful paper straws will always beat bland stainless steel straws in a fun ice cream shop. You’ll also be doing the environment a huge favor by using these eco-friendly paper straws.

Colorful Plastic Spoons

If you want your particular chain to stand out, then color must run the enterprise. Plastic spoons are a staple for any establishment that serves food, especially dessert shops that often make their treats for customers to take on the go. The shops get their brand into the world and customers can continue their busy lives with a treat in-hand. If you use brand colors for your plastic spoons, think of it as free advertising or you can also go with gelato clear spoons or like orange gelato spoons if orange is your brand colorThese blue ice cream spoons are affordable and some manufacturers can make them in different color combinations to reflect your particular business.

Colorful Paper Ice Cream Cups

Ditch ordinary plastic ice cream cups for eco-friendly paper cups. These cups are also easy to print, accommodating any design or color scheme. Pair these ice cream cups with the right colorful spoons and you’ll have yourself a fun dessert presentation that will represent your brand and appeal to families everywhere.
You can’t go wrong with these ideas on making your dessert serving materials more colorful and eye-catching. Be it the lively frozen yogurt cups, paper ice cream cups, or colorful spoons, each item is a step in the right direction.
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