Business Spotlight: Hunter from Sundae Box

Our company slogan is "Build People and Deliver Joy." We love supporting great businesses. When our Vice President, Tyler, found out about Sundae Box, he wanted to find a way to help them. So, he donated supplies!

We want to tell you about this great business!

Since quarantine started in March, people have been spending more and more time on their phones and computers rather than with their families. The goal of Sundae Box is to bring people away from their phones and back to reality.

About Hunter:

Hunter is a second-grader. He's only seven and already has three younger siblings! That means there's always a lot of fun in his house. He loves ice cream, nature, and the beach. This is his first business and he's very excited to be on this journey!

Hunter's Idea:

Every Sunday, Hunter's family does "Sundae Sundays." They put away their electronics and make ice cream sundaes with fun toppings and delicious ice cream. He saw everyone spending more time with electronics and decided to take a stand. People should eat more ice cream and spend less time on their phones.

How it Works:

Sundae Boxes come with everything but the ice cream! When you get your box, bring your family together and put your phones in the box. Make sundaes and family memories at the same time!

You can order your own Sundae Box here!


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