Mini Disposable Tasting Spoons

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      Why Use Tasting Spoons?

      Every business in the food industry can benefit from offering free samples. In the frozen dessert sector, mini tasting spoons are the best vehicles for those samples. Whether you serve frozen yogurt, ice cream, or gelato, these spoons are necessary for offering samples of your delicious products. Our mini spoons are perfect for tasting and samples!

      At Frozen Dessert Supplies, we carry a wide variety of these handy tasting spoons for your tasting needs; for customers who enjoy a choice of color in their mini tasting spoons, Frozen Dessert Supplies offers a multi-color pack with sampling spoons in bright pink, blue, green, orange, and more. For those who prefer a more subdued palette, we offer tasting spoons in a transitional gradient from one soft shade to another, wooden spoons, or single-color mini spoons.

      Designed for Perfect Bite

      Our mini tasting spoons are durable and constructed to provide the best experience for a single-service use. Sturdy enough to hold thick jams, sauces, and desserts these sample spoons are easy to dispose after use and a fast and convenient clean up. 

      Cost Efficient:

      These tasting spoons are exactly what everyone is wanting for their stores or parties. Used for different uses, our small tasting spoons are more cost efficient than bigger spoons. 

      Mini Spoons are the Perfect Solution

      You may not see the need to purchase an entirely different set of utensils to give away free samples of your food. You may think that the people who ask for a taste of an ice cream flavor are few and far between. However, being able to offer these complimentary tastes can go a long way in helping your business.

      Giving product samples can encourage your customers to try new flavors and sell more ice cream. This makes the mini tasting spoons at Frozen Dessert Supplies even more essential to your business’s success and sales rates. Customers always appreciate the extra effort on your part.

      If you’re ready to invest in these economical and functional spoons for your business, keep scrolling through our catalog. You’ll surely find the mini tasting spoons perfect for your customer’s needs. Contact the helpful support team by calling (480) 428-1999, emailing us, or filling out our simple online form.

      USA-Made Plastic Construction

      These tasting spoons are made from high-quality, USA plastic. Your customers will love the quality texture of these mini tasting spoons. Your customers will love sampling your ice cream with these small tasting spoons.

      Conveniently Disposable Spoons

      Your customers can grab some sampling spoons, enjoy your ice cream, then dispose of them. Give your customers a seamless experience with these sampling spoons.

      Cost Efficient

      Using small ice cream tasting spoons is the cost efficient solution for sampling. Small tasting spoons save plastic and you money.