UNIQIFY® Orange Gelato Spoons - 36514
UNIQIFY® Orange Gelato Spoons - 36514
UNIQIFY® Orange Gelato Spoons - 36514
UNIQIFY® Orange Gelato Spoons - 36514
UNIQIFY® Orange Gelato Spoons - 36514

UNIQIFY® Orange Gelato Spoons


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  • 1 Case = ~ 3,000 Spoons

Our UNIQIFY® Gelato Spoons are also known as palletina spoons in Italy and are the most widely used gelato spoon in the USA. Their shovel-like shape makes them a very popular option to serve and sample gelato. They'll work great with other frozen desserts too, including ice cream, frozen yogurt, sundaes and Italian ice. While designed with frozen desserts in mind, the possible uses for these orange gelato spoons are virtually endless. They'll also work fine for tasting yogurt, sauces, soups, cakes, pie, and much more.

  • Made in the USA! From high-quality FDA approved plastic material, the beautiful colors of our orange gelato spoons will ensure you are delighted with each use.
  • They are 4 inches long and .75 inches at the widest point, shovel spoons help you get to the bottom of each cup or bowl of yummy goodness.
  • These gorgeous spoons are exactly what you need for your next birthday party, wedding, holiday celebration, church activity, family get together, or any other event.
  • Perfect for sampling, tasting or taste testing frozen desserts, ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, cereal, hot soups, yogurt, cake, pie, or any food you desire
  • Each spoon is carefully designed to ensure a perfect feel in the hand. They also come in many other brilliant colors so make sure to take a look.

Things To Consider When Choosing Orange Gelato Spoons 

  • Material: Select high-quality, food-grade plastic spoons in vibrant orange, ensuring they are durable and safe for serving frozen desserts.
  • Design: Look for spoons with a comfortable and ergonomic design, making it easy for customers to enjoy their gelato without discomfort.
  • Color Consistency: Ensure the orange color of the spoons is consistent and vibrant, enhancing the presentation of your gelato and maintaining brand aesthetics.
  • Quantity: Determine the quantity needed based on your business volume and budget constraints to ensure you always have an ample supply on hand for serving.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: Consider eco-friendly alternatives if sustainability is a priority for your business, such as biodegradable orange gelato spoons.
  • Branding: Explore options for customizing the spoons with your logo or branding, promoting your business with every serving.

Note: These are packaged by weight for consistency and accuracy, typically there are about three thousand spoons, could be 10% more or less.

SKU 36514
Height 4 in
Material Plastic
Color Orange
Units Per Case ~ 3,000 Spoons
Case Dimensions 17" x 11" x 11"
Case Weight 11.85 lb
Cases Per Pallet 80


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