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Which Countries Eat the Most Ice Cream? Ice Cream Consumption By Countries

It’s no secret that ice cream is loved and consumed by sane people everywhere. But have you ever wondered what country eats the most ice cream? Shockingly -- and a little shamefully for a country that prides itself on being #1 -- it’s actually not the United States.

We all know that ice cream is frozen goodness no matter where you are, but here is a breakdown of ice cream consumption across the world. And remember: whether you prefer your ice cream in custom ice cream containers or in delicious waffle cones, you better start eating a lot more if you want the United States to win gold at the next ice cream eating Olympics...

The Top ice cream loving countries

  1. New Zealand
    Back in 2013, this island country came in as the number one consumer of ice cream worldwide. Each New Zealander eats 28.4 liters each and every year.

  2. The United States
    Coming in second, again as of 2013, Americans were eating 20.8 liters of the frozen stuff annually. In 2014, 2.7 billion liters of ice cream were sold nationwide. The U.S. produces around 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and similar frozen products every year, not to mention millions of waffle cones, little colored spoons, and all the ice cream containers needed to enjoy this frozen dessert. American children seem to love ice cream the most, as those between the ages of six and 12 have the highest ice cream consumption rate at 62%.

  3. China
    For the first time in history, China surpassed the United States as the world’s largest ice cream market, reaching a whopping $11.4 billion dollars in 2014. While a full 5.9 billion liters of ice cream were sold across China that year, due to their large population, the Chinese actually eat less ice cream per person per year. This means each person only eats four liters of ice cream compared to the 8.5 liters per American. Still, that’s a lot of disposable ice cream cups.

  4. Australia
    Those down under come in third place, with each Aussie eating 18 liters annually.

  5. Finland and Sweden
    Finns like their ice cream a bit more than their Nordic neighbors, with each person eating 14.2 liters every year. Sweden comes closely behind, with 12 liters eaten each year.

  6. India and Indonesia
    Surprisingly, these warm countries come in last place for global ice cream consumption, with a small 0.1 liter each.
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