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The 11 Most Popular Ice Cream Toppings That Every Store Must Carry

Whether you run an ice cream store, diner, frozen yogurt shop, or just really, really like going to ice cream stores, it's important to stay up to date on the latest news, research, and statistics on popular ice cream toppings. The average American will consume 28.5 helpings of ice cream this year, so your shop best be prepared.

Customers love piling their toppings sky-high, so it's best to make sure that you have sturdy and tall ice cream cups with lids, durable ice cream spoons, and a knowledge of which toppings you'll likely see.

According to a number of sources, here are the most popular ice cream toppings in the United States today:

  1. Whipped cream: Such a classic staple for pie and ice cream alike, whipped cream gives just a hint of sweetness and an additional area to pile up those toppings. It's fluffy and light, but can add so much to a bowl of your favorite frozen treat.

  2. Caramel sauce: Caramel goes well with practically all flavors. Chocolate, vanilla, maple, coffee, pumpkin, bacon, and more, caramel is thick, creamy, and works well on its own or paired with other flavor toppings.

  3. Chocolate sauce: A rich favorite, chocolate sauce is versatile as well. It works well with many of the same flavors that caramel does, but also lends itself well to fruitier flavors like strawberry and black raspberry. If you're feeling adventurous, layer the two sauces for a delicious combo.

  4. Hot fudge: Better than chocolate sauce, most people agree, the heat of the hot fudge works perfectly on top of most every frozen treat. It also doesn't run as easily, so you can layer it on one side of your ice cream cup and keep the other side available for other treats.

  5. Peanut butter cups: Whether you use the mini versions or crush the original cups into chunks, peanut butter and chocolate is undeniably one of the best flavor combinations out there. It's hard to limit yourself to just one scoop, especially over French Vanilla ice cream with a helping of hot fudge, too.

  6. Strawberries: For those who want to indulge but want to feel less guilty about what they put on their ice cream, strawberries are perfect. Not only are they rich in antioxidants, they're absolutely delicious and pair perfectly with chocolate.

  7. Gummy bears: While it may sound weird, gummy bears and ice cream go surprisingly well together. Alternating between a cool creamy texture and a chewy one is really interesting. It's guaranteed that some of your customers have already had this idea before.

  8. Brownie bites: Like brownie a la mode but without as much work, adding brownie bits to your ice cream gives it just the right amount of chewiness with some chocolatey indulgence.

  9. Cookie dough pieces: Chewy like brownie pieces, but not quite as chocolatey. For those who love their cookies a little underbaked, cookie dough pieces on ice cream is the perfect solution.

  10. Sprinkles: An absolute classic, no one can deny a liberal helping of rainbow or chocolate sprinkles on top of a sundae. It's that little bit of texture that makes a world of difference.

  11. Maraschino cherry: Whether you eat it first or save it for last, a sundae isn't a sundae without a cherry on top.

With a growing list of toppings, be sure to stock up on ice cream cups with lids, wider bowls, and other ice cream shop supplies. For the widest selection of custom ice cream cups with lids and heavy duty spoons, contact Frozen Dessert Supplies for all your wholesale ordering needs!

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The 11 Most Popular Ice Cream Toppings That Every Store Must Carry