10 Most Popular Ice Cream Toppings That Customers Love in Their Cups

Imagine walking into your favorite ice cream shop and it doesn’t have the ice cream toppings you were hoping for - how disappointing! That’s why we compiled this list of 10 trending ice cream toppings that your customers are secretly wishing you had and are excited to try! If you want a list of the most popular ice cream toppings, check out our article here which talks about the 11 most popular ice cream toppings that every store must carry. Improve your business with new yummy toppings to make sure your customers are happy and leaving with satisfied smiles. Let's sink our spoons in!


This fun new sauce will find a fit perfect right next to your sauces that are available for your customers. It can pair with many flavors and add the perfect delicious flavor to their sweet treats.

  1. Marshmallow Sauce: This fun new sauce will find a fit perfect right next to your sauces that are available for your customers. It can pair with many flavors and add the perfect delicious flavor to their sweet treats.
  2. Popping Boba - Trendy Ice Cream Toppings: Popping boba has a gel-like outer layer that is fruit juice filled. It explodes in your mouth with a burst of that flavorful fruit juice. They have many flavors including strawberry, mango, passion fruit, and orange to name a few. These are perfect as both ice cream and gelato toppings.
  3. Potato Chips - Crunchy Ice Cream Toppings: These crunchy additions will have your sweet and savory customers jumping for joy. Potato chips as toppings can add a nice crunch to your customers' favorite frozen treat. Not only are they a great topping, but also as a fun ice cream spoon!
  4. Nutella - Fun Ice Cream Toppings: Who doesn’t love this sweet creamy spread? Give your customers the option of mixing this treat into their ice cream for a chocolate nutty flavor. This is also heavenly once heated up and served like hot fudge over any frozen treat. Make sure your customers leave room in their paper ice cream cups to add this creamy topping.
  5. Pop Rocks: We all know pop rocks are like fireworks going off in your mouth, who can resist such an entertaining treat? Adults channeling their inner kid and children alike will be more than excited to pop these on top of their ice cream!
  6. Cake Bites - Crunchy Ice Cream Toppings: A classic birthday always includes cake and ice cream. From red velvet to funfetti cake, there are endless flavor options to pair with ice cream and gelato to make for a perfect combination of treats. Adding cake to your topping repertoire is the perfect excuse for your customers to stop by on their birthday or other celebrations as well!
  7. Cream Filled Wafers -Trendy Ice Cream Toppings: Whether it’s used as a decorative touch on a scoop of gelato, or a crushed up ice cream topping, who can say no to these classic chocolate-filled wafers? We sure can’t!
  8. Pretzels Fun Ice Cream Toppings: Just like potato chips, these will add a salty option for your more savory leaning customers. These could be the little pretzel sticks, the peanut butter filled pretzels or chocolate covered pretzels. Whatever you decide, this topping will make your shop stand out from the next.
  9. Multiple Fruits – Fruit Toppings for Ice Cream: This can be a pretty classic topping, but it can add variety when you get creative with seasonal fruits or even more exotic fruits. Try fruits such as mango, passionfruit, kiwi, dragonfruits, and starfruit! Fruit is a refreshing ice cream and gelato topping. Your customers might not have heard of some of these fruits before, so try adding them to your menu to bring some exotic flavors to your shop!
  10. Chocolate Chip Cookies - Fun Ice Cream Toppings: Who doesn’t love a warm homemade cookie dipped in milk?! Adding either cookie crumbles or full-size cookies to your list of ice cream toppings will become an easy classic that elevates the iconic cookies and milk pairing!

Bring in Business With These Flavors

These are new and trending toppings to name a few. Let us know if you’ve tried other toppings that your customers love and leave a comment below. Add these to your store and match them with the top 10 favorite ice cream flavors to bring a little variety with fun ingredients. After a little bit of advertising about your new toppings, your customers will be so excited that they’ll have to stop in! Who really wouldn’t be excited to try new and fun ice toppings or gelato toppings? Also, if you need ice cream paper cups for your business make sure to check out this page here. Have fun with your new toppings!
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