Stop With the Food Shaming and Enjoy Some Delicious Ice Cream

The average American eats ice cream about 28 times a year. The average awesome American eats ice cream whenever they want! There are so many health trends going on in the U.S. now and it's honestly becoming a little overwhelming.

Sure, you shouldn't stuff your face with unhealthy foods and drinks every second of every day, but enjoying a tasty treat once in a while can actually be good for you. We all know that one person who brags about how miserable they are because they basically can only eat grass due to their weird diet choices. They probably try to make us feel bad for enjoying something delicious because they're miserable and want everyone else to be miserable as well.

Let's put an end to that and get back to enjoying, in moderation, tasty treats! Moderation is really the key to all of this. Chocolaty drinks, cake, ice cream, brownies, and anything else can and should be enjoyed, but just in moderation.

June is coming up and that is the month when the most ice cream is produced, so that means that we have all of June, July, and August to enjoy all the ice cream we can, and then we can go into hibernation until next June.

It doesn't really get much better than ice cream season, right? It's just so good, it's almost too good. The customization ice cream offers, aside from the delicious taste, is probably the greatest aspect of ice cream. Every year, there are nearly 1.5 billion gallons of many different ice cream products produced in the United States.

Using ice cream cones, ice cream cups, eating it right out of the container, ice cream cake, root beer floats and other ice cream drinks, deep-fried ice cream, and many other others to enjoy your ice cream can be amazing. Each one is special in its own way.

The last little ice cream fact you should know is that after the churning process, ice cream contains more than 50% air. That means that the amount of ice cream you plan on eating this summer, realistically, can be multiplied by two to make up for all that air you're eating, right?
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