Museum of Ice Cream Opens in NYC, and is Filled With Ice Cream Wonder

It is no secret that Americans love ice cream. In any given two week period, 40% of the nation will consume a frozen treat, with the average American eating ice cream 28.5 times per year. Not only that, but 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream, frozen yogurt, and gelato are produced in the United States every year, so it is easy to say that Americans have their priorities concerning frozen treats in check.

With these statistics in mind, one can easily label ice cream as a genuine national pastime. Well, that's a good thing, considering that a new museum in New York City just opened its doors in celebration of ice cream.

Yes, you heard that right. An entire museum dedicated to ice cream.

The Museum of Ice Cream is New York City's sweetest new popup hotspot, located in New York's infamous Meatpacking district. If you go through your fair share of ice cream and dessert supplies, like colorful plastic spoons, sprinkles, plastic cups, toppings, and ice cream cones, we recommend you head there as soon as possible. The popup museum has already seen record-breaking success within its first few weeks of opening.

All in all, 30,000 tickets sold out within its first five days, and there is a rapidly growing wait-list of more than 70,000 ice cream aficionados looking to get the full scoop. The owners, Maryellis Bunn and her boyfriend Manish Vora, originally planned on keeping the museum open seasonally until the beginning of September, but considering ice cream fans are selling their tickets for elevated prices on Craigslist, who knows what will happen.

No matter if you are looking to take some selfies with the ice cream or if you really want to see the history of ice cream through the years, the Museum of Ice Cream has something for everybody. Included in the $18 ticket is:

    • The ability to jump into a pool of 11,000 plastic sprinkles for the ultimate Instagram photo. 
    • A massive chocolate fountain and all the dessert supplies one could ever need. 
    • Edible helium balloons (thank you, ice cream scientists). 
    • 35 works of ice-cream inspired art. 
    • Your own ice cream sundae and to take on the road. 
    • An immersible chocolate room. 
    • A collaborative massive ice cream sundae, complete with ice cream party supplies. 
    • An ice cream sandwich made for two. 
    • A seesaw made from an ice-cream scooper. 

  • A Tinder-inspired 'find your match' land where you will be set up with ice cream flavors to suit your individual flavor preferences. 

Surely, if you aren't already screaming for ice cream, you will by the time your visit is over.
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