Ice Cream Birthday Parties: Not Just For Kids!

Roughly 90% of households in this wonderful country regularly indulge in a frozen dessert -- and I'm sure that includes households with no children. Everyone loves ice cream! So, why not celebrate its existence at your upcoming birthday this year; no kids required, just friends and family who enjoy good ol' fashioned, personally customizable frozen treats. Whether you're turning 24 or 64, here are a few ideas to get your ice cream birthday party on its way:


  • Clean out your freezer
    You're going to need the space (especially for leftovers). Depending on the number of people you've invited and their personal ice cream preferences, more space is always better. Get rid of all those ancient Lean Cuisines and boring bags of frozen peas -- you've got to cram several wonderfully delicious tubs of ice cream in there! 

  • Pick your flavors
     Is this going to be an ice cream party or a frozen yogurt party? Are you more of a chocolate/vanilla type, or do you prefer fruity flavors like mango, peach, or blueberry? With hundreds of different varieties in existence, the possibilities are, quite literally, endless. It may be the hardest decision you've ever made, but try to narrow your selections down to a manageable half dozen. 

  • Pick your toppings
    Since you won't need to keep these cold, feel free to go wild with options. If you're a fan of ice cream sundaes, hot fudge is an absolute must. Sprinkles of all size and color should be available, as well as candy options for the discerning ice cream consumer -- Nerds, gummy bears, Sour Patch Kids... leave no candy stone unturned! 

  • Find the proper supplies
    You have all these treats, how are you going to eat them? You're going to need dessert cups -- lots of dessert cups. Plastic spoons, disposable ice cream cups, and paper plates are all essential. Get fun colored spoons and dessert cups with delightful designs on them; if you're having a themed party, find supplies to match. Let your containers and utensils be as varied as your ice cream flavors. 

And that's it! You're officially ready to throw your own personal ice cream birthday part, complete with its own ice cream buffet and dozens of yummy toppings. With as much fun as you're going to have, don't be surprised if all of your friends follow your lead and make plans for parties of their own. Have fun, and be careful of brain freeze!
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About the Author: Tim Porter

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