How to Make a Unicorn Sundae

It's springtime! That means it's the perfect season for bright colors and fun flavors. This unicorn sundae is perfectly instagramable and great for every unicorn-obsessed kid. Here's how you can transform your white ice cream cup to make a unicorn sundae for your ice cream shop.

What You'll Need:

How to Make it:

1. Make it a Unicorn

Cute unicorns always have little eyelashes! With your black permanent marker, draw two closed unicorn eyes with eyelashes on your white ice cream cup. Like this:

Unicorn Cake, How to Make a Unicorn Sundae

2. Scoop it

Scoop your ice cream into your white ice cream cup (now with unicorn eyes). For the roundest scoops, use a Zeroll scooper.

3. Top it

Unicorn Ice Cream, How to Make a Unicorn Sundae

After you've filled your white ice cream cup, top your ice cream with a drizzle of marshmallow sauce and rainbow sprinkles. This will look and taste delicious!

4. Finishing Touches

What really makes a unicorn sundae is the horn! You can find edible unicorn horns and ears at most party supply store and cake decorating stores. All you need to do is place them in the ice cream and your white ice cream cup turns into a magical treat!

Unicorn Sundae, How to Make a Unicorn Sundae

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