All About Pup Cups: The Ultimate Dog Treat

You probably see a lot of dogs around your ice cream shop, especially if you're in a big city. Through the drive-thru, in your outdoor dining area, nearly everywhere! You can do something nice for your customers with furry friends: offer a Pup Cup!

How to Make a Pup Cup for Your Ice Cream Shop.

What is a Pup Cup?

Soft Serve Dog, All About Pup Cups: The Ultimate Dog Treat

Usually, a pup cup is a small cup (like this one) of whipped cream you can give to dogs. Some ice cream shops make ice cream specifically for dogs. This can be peanut-butter-based, bacon-based, or anything dogs would like. It's always in a cup small enough for a dog to stick their face in and get to the bottom.

Why Offer a Pup Cup?

Black Dog Cone, All About Pup Cups: The Ultimate Dog Treat

Your customers' furry friends are sure to be hungry too! Why not offer them a treat? Your customers will think it's super cute. This can promote customer loyalty and new business!

Pup cups are a great way to cater to your customers with dogs. They'll love your attention to detail and want to continue to give you their business. Pup cups are sure to be the perfect addition to your ice cream shop!

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