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3 Ways to Enjoy Gelato

Summer is here, and that means that adults and kiddies alike will be craving a whole variety of frozen treats. Indeed, June is the month that most ice cream is produced, to meet the growing demand and to get ahead for the rest of the season. From popsicles to frozen yogurt, the time-honored tradition of chasing down the ice cream truck is worth it: those frozen delectables really do cool you down from the inside out. But there is one frozen dessert that really outpaces them all: creamy, rich, Italian gelato.

There are a couple of reasons why gelato has such a unique taste and texture. Gelato has a much higher density than ice cream since practically no air is added to the mixture, unlike ice cream. Gelato contains between three and eight percent milkfat and 25 to 30% air, while ice cream generally contains more than 50% air after the churning process.

So, you know what gelato is, and have an idea of how it differs from the traditional, American ice cream we all know and love. But the real question now is, how exactly do you plan to enjoy it? The answer is simple: you can eat gelato exactly the way you eat ice cream. But, for those who are trepidatious about their newly found favorite frozen treat, here are some suggestions. Get out your tasting spoons!

In a Cup
Gelato is absolutely delicious purely on its own -- unfortunately, carrying around a scoop in your hand and biting into it like an apple is not advisable. Luckily, gelato cups provide the perfect venue for your frozen sweetness eating event.

In a Cone
Whoever invented that inverted cone of crispy waffle goodness, used as a vector for the creamy richness of frozen dairy treats deserves all of the kudos in the world. There is nothing better than licking the rich Italian amazingness out of an edible container.

As a Neighbo
We don't know whether eating a slice of pie or cake with a scoop of gelato counts exactly as "a la mode" but what we do know is that it is extremely delicious. Try to compliment flavors with this method of consumption: fruity gelato with chocolate cake, coffee gelato with a loaf, and vanilla bean with a blueberry crumble.

Make sure to enjoy your gelato, whether in a cup, cone, or gelato cups.
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