10 Fantastic Reasons You Should Eat Ice Cream in the Winter

Think that just because the cold weather is coming, that means you have to stop eating your favorite frozen desserts? Think again!

Just because the majority of ice cream is produced in June, that doesn't mean you have to go without during the cold months. Here are 10 fantastic reasons why you should never give up that ice cream, frozen yogurt, or gelato desserts during the winter months.

1. No pie is complete without a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Not just your traditional pumpkin either. We are talking grape, pumpkin, chocolate cream. All of the pies.


2. There is no line at the ice cream freezer in your grocery store.

No line equals more ice cream and frozen yogurt for you.

3. Ice cream is great for that sore throat you're suffering from.

Just another fantastic excuse to stock up... for your health!


4. It is the ultimate comfort food.

No matter what kind of day you are having, ice cream will not let you down.

5. It'll cool you down.

Spend too much time snuggling up next to the fireplace? No worries, ice cream will cool you right down.

6. It serves as a fantastic accompaniment to hot drinks.

Want to try something different? Toss a scoop of ice cream into a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. Plus you won't need creamer this way!

7. It is unconventional.

While pies and cakes are more than fantastic, they can be overdone during the holidays. So serving up an ice cream sundae bar will have your guests squealing with glee.


8. It adds richness to your existing desserts.

Winter brings cookies of all shapes and sizes, candied nuts, pralines. Stay decadent and add some ice cream in a complimenting flavor to your desserts.

9. You can add booze.

The summertime is usually too hot for booze-filled desserts, but winter is just the time. Adding some coffee liqueur, amaretto, and whiskey works great with rich flavors such as dark chocolate and coffee ice cream. Don't be afraid to put some vodka in your sorbet or frozen yogurt for a fun twist!

10. You won't be able to get Vitamin D in many other places.

We are sure your doctor will approve.

Are you inspired yet? Don't let winter stop you, go grab a spoon and dig into your favorite frozen dessert now!
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