UNIQ® Super Dessert Mixed Colors Ice Cream Spoons

UNIQ® Super Dessert Mixed Colors Ice Cream Spoons


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Introducing our new UNIQ® Super Dessert Mixed Color Ice Cream Spoons. Different. Better.

If you love our UNIQ Dessert Spoons you will definitely love these New Super Dessert spoons. We took our Dessert Spoons and made them SUPER. That means they are now stronger and thicker, which makes them perfect for things like shakes, gelato, ice cream, frozen yogurt, and other thick and creamy treats. Our Super Dessert spoons are made from extra "SUPER" plastic that is stronger than any normal spoon you have used in the past. Get ready for fewer broken spoons and many more smiles in your future. Since these spoons are so strong, they are versatile! Use these spoons for ice cream, soups, taste testing, pudding, cereal, or anything else you can imagine.

UNIQ® Super Dessert Ice Cream Spoons Details
Quantity Full Case is 1,000 Spoons. Can Order Smaller Amounts
Color Green, Orange, Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow, Purple and White
Eco Friendly Recyclable
Material FDA Approved Medium Weight Polypropylene
Overall Spoon Length 5.820"
Handle of Spoon Length 3.810"
Handle of Spoon Width 0.325" to 0.480"
Bowl of Spoon Length 2.050"
Bowl of Spoon Width 1.260"
Bowl of Spoon Height 0.300"
Capacity 1.25 Teaspoons of Liquid
Case Dimensions 16" x 11" x 11"
Case Weight 7 lbs
Cases Per Pallet 96
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