UNIQIFY® 8 oz Purple Ice Cream Cups - 08PRPLFDSCUP
UNIQIFY® 8 oz Purple Ice Cream Cups - 08PRPLFDSCUP

UNIQIFY® 8 oz Purple Ice Cream Cups


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  • 1 Case = 1,000 Cups

Introducing our UNIQIFY® 8 oz Purple Ice Cream Cups. We made them with ice cream in mind but there are a myriad of other uses for your business. Your customers are sure to love the look and feel of our UNIQIFY® 8 oz purple ice cream cups.

Pair with our 6/8 oz Dome Lids, 6/8 oz Flat Lids, or 6/8 oz Paper Lids.

Features and Benefits of 8 oz Purple Ice Cream Cups

From frozen yogurt to decadent sundaes, these 8-oz purple cups add a royal touch to your sweet treat. Let's look at a few prominent features and benefits of using these cups.

Features Vibrant Purple Color: This eye-catching color stands out while providing the perfect base color for customization, allowing you to give your customers a personalized experience. Whether it is your favorite color or you want to stay on theme for a Halloween party, these 8-oz purple ice cream cups are a go-to choice.

8 oz Capacity: These generous cups hold more than one scoop of ice cream. They are great for frozen yogurt with multiple toppings, classic sundaes like the banana split, or even sharing portions of gelato.

Durable Construction: These 8 oz purple ice cream cups are made with high-quality polyethylene-coated, highly durable, and leakproof paper. With the easy-to-fit domed and flat covers, you can also store 2-scoop portions of your dessert or use them as takeaway containers for your customers to enjoy their frozen treats in the comfort of their homes.

Suitable for Frozen Desserts: An 8 oz purple ice cream is ideal for several frozen desserts. They are perfect for ice creams, frozen yogurts, gelato, yogurt, cakes, pies, or other hot or cold food.

Stackable Design For Convenient Storage: 8 oz purple cups are easy to store as they fit snugly into each other and can be stored in packs of 100, ready to use whenever needed. These are also more economical for businesses as they can be bought in bulk and stored, unlike cones that need to be fresh, and any unused cones add to the business's waste and increase costs.


Aesthetic Appeal: Elevate your dessert presentation with 8 oz purple cups. The vibrant color and intricate designs add to the appeal of your dessert, creating a visually pleasing experience for your customers. Play with the contrast of colors to create interesting, sweet dishes that encourage customers to visit your establishment over and over again.

Perfect Size: The 8z purple cups hold around 2 scoops of ice cream, offering generous portions of frozen desserts. Convenience and Versatility: These 8 oz purple cups are not just for frozen desserts.

They can also be used for a variety of other foods, including cold desserts, popcorn, hot soups, or even mini-meals. This versatility makes them a practical choice for your business, offering you more options for serving your customers.

Height 2.48 in
Top Rim Diameter 95 mm
Bottom Rim Diameter 2.85 in
Capacity ~ 2 scoops of ice cream
Features Disposable
Material Polyethylene Coated Paper
Color Purple
Units Per Case 1,000 Cups
Case Dimensions 20" x 16" x 17"
Case Weight 16.15 lb
Cases Per Pallet 30


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