UNIQ® 5 oz White Ice Cream Cups
UNIQ® 5 oz White Ice Cream Cups
UNIQ® 5 oz White Ice Cream Cups
UNIQ® 5 oz White Ice Cream Cups
UNIQ® 5 oz White Ice Cream Cups

UNIQ® 5 oz White Ice Cream Cups


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Introducing our UNIQ® 5 oz White Ice Cream Cups! Perfect for any frozen dessert.

Great for Any Event

Our 5 oz cups are the best option for birthday parties, baby showers, ice cream parties, or just a regular day at your ice cream or frozen yogurt shop. Because they’re plain white, you can easily match them to any theme. You could also try adding stickers or stamps to personalize them! These cups work for anything.


Our ice cream cups are made of sturdy paperboard with a thin polyethylene coating. This means they won’t break down at the first sign of trouble, like other paper products. If your ice cream melts, it won’t seep through the seams. These cups are made to withstand liquid and foods of all temperatures. You don’t have to worry about much of a mess with these cups.

Perfect for Any Treat

Because these cups are simple and sleek, they’re incredibly versatile. They’re perfect for any treat! They’re big enough for a brownie sundae, fruit and frozen yogurt, or even a cookie ice cream sandwich. These 5 oz cups will thrive with whatever you’re serving.

5 oz Capacity

These cups are the perfect size to hold a couple of scoops of your favorite ice cream. They’re 5 ounces, they aren’t so big you’ll eat too much and they aren’t too small for a good sundae. Our cups are the perfect size for your desserts!

Try Customizing It!

These are our original, plain white 5 oz cups but they also come in more than ten patterns and colors. If you want a more personalized cup, consider having us brand them for you! We offer custom-printed cups. This means your customers will be reminded of your business every time they look at their cup. If you want to know more about custom cups, click here or email our custom branding team at custombranding@frozendessertsupplies.com.

A Perfect To-Go Option

Our paper ice cream cups together with our 5 oz Flat Lids and 5 oz Dome Lids are perfect for any take out order. They can be used perfectly as a take out container for delivery, curbside pickup, drive thru, or customers on the go. With plenty of designs to choose from this is a great option. You can now deliver curbside to your customers in seconds and allow for a convenient option for all customers with these to go containers.​​​


A: 3.38" (Diameter of the top rim)
B: 2.94" (Diameter of the bottom rim)
C: 1.99" (Height of the cup)

UNIQ® 05 oz Ice Cream Cup Details
Quantity Full Case is 1,000 Cups. Can Order Smaller Amounts
Color White
Eco-Friendly Recyclable
Material FDA Approved Paper
Case Dimensions 17.50" x 14.00" x 17.50"
Case Weight 16.45 lbs
Cases Per Pallet 20
Capacity About 1.5 Scoops of Ice Cream
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