Tim Porter

Director of Ecommerce

● Proud father and husband “Family first”
● Devoted watch and pen collector
● Half Welsh, Classic Mini Cooper lover


Mike Dalton

Director of Growth

● Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro February 2024
● Avid triathlon participant
● Gets a haircut 3 times a year


West Mata

Brand Manager

● Loves competing over board games with his wife
● Obsessed with creating
● Seeks discomfort when possible

Taylor Hillstead

Graphic Designer

● Plant enthusiast
● Addicted to Pepsi
● Loves to spend time with her family and friends

Haylee Harris

Graphic Designer

● Loves going on runs
● Hiking addict
● Would go to Iceland if she could go anywhere in the world



Gilson de Oliveira

Digital Marketing Manager

● Proud husband and father
● Loves to travel, specially outdoors
● Marketing, investing, and business enthusiast

Caleb Young

Website Analytics Specialist

● Murica frick ya t-shirt collector
● Would fiddle a hoedown and win Risk at the same time
● Loves Brandon Sanderson books, LOTR movies, and Zelda games


Elijah Bonner

Marketing Specialist

● Was the lead singer in a mariachi cover band
● 3x animal attack survivor (moose, monkey, shih tzu)
● Makes some decent tacos


Ethan McRae

Front End Developer

● Has finally been converted to audio books
● Ask him what his latest "idea" is
● Lives to explore nature


Tyler Allison

Director of Custom Operations

● Enjoys sports: disc golf, soccer, spikeball, and pickleball
● Passionate about learning new things
● “I don't take myself too seriously, life is meant to have fun.”

Jaron Hill

Sales Support Specialist

● Big hat guy
● Loves to do puzzles
● Aspiring producer


Elena Coons

Sales Support Design

● Competitive powerlifter in high school
● Favorite Movie is Back to the Future
● Favorite food is Waffles

Jeni Meng

Custom Operations Specialist

● Knows every Gilmore Girls episode by heart
● Will always choose water over any other anything else
● Loves doing puzzles with her husband


Ben Hatch

Supply Chain Manager

● Lover of extreme sports, especially snowboarding and mountain biking
● Family man
● Recovering chocolate addict

Eli Eberhard 

Warehouse Fulfillment Specialist

● Loves to read
● World traveler
● Has a pet snake


Daylen Corpany

Warehouse Fulfillment Specialist

● Loves sports
● Enjoys spending time with family & wife
● Dog lover


Rigdon Porter

Warehouse Fulfillment Specialist

● Won the 2024 company March Madness bracket
● Loves to play basketball
● Big fan of The Bachelor


Hank Fowles

Director of Sales Acquisition

● A family man
● Loves the outdoors
● Enjoys all things sports, especially basketball, football, and disc golf

Justin McOmber

Sales Acquisition Manager

● Loves making videos and getting cool shots using his drone
● Snowboards in the winter and wakeboards in the summer
● His favorite shoe brand is Vans

Aaron Sautter

Junior Account Executive

● Racquetball fan
● Dog lover
● Enjoys being with his friends and family

Jeremy Gunter

Senior Account Executive

● Loves to read and learn
● Is currently translating from Biblical Hebrew and Greek
● Enjoys hiking and exploring the outdoors


Ammon Jensen

Junior Account Executive

● Big sports guy
● Loves to golf
● Enjoys spending time with family & friends


Chip Hixon

Director of Sales Retention

● Proud husband and father
● Loves all kinds of sports
● Enjoys playing piano and guitar

Leah Mata

Customer Experience Representative

● Can do a solid Snoopy impression
● Plays the piano, guitar, and ukulele
● Loves to go stargazing

Braden Marcum

Account Manager

● Favorite sport is soccer
● Loves to play board games, especially Settlers of Catan
● Film fanatic (the Harry Potter movies are his favorite)


Cooper Siebers

Director of Data and Technology

● Professional Disc Golfer and tournament organizer
● Passionate about Competitive Strategic Board/Video Games
● Fantasy Sports Enthusiast

Tyler Springer

Staff Accountant

● Loves to swim and mountain bike
● Absolutely loves sushi
● His favorite books are "Dune" and "The Way of Kings"

Kaleb Pulley

IT Developer

● Once bicycled 100 miles on a whim
● Read a 1,400 page book in1 week
● Proceeded to read 6 more 1,200 page books each in a week


Abbie Cook

Human Resource Specialist

● Loves to camp and hike, but is deathly afraid of bears
● Needs at least 9 hours of sleep every night to function
● Addicted to Tillamook ice cream