Tim Porter

CEO & People Builder

● Proud father and husband “Family first”
● Devoted watch and pen collector
● Half Welsh, Classic Mini Cooper lover

Tyler Allison

VP of Operations

● Enjoys sports: disc golf, soccer, spikeball, and pickleball
● Passionate about learning new things
● “I don't take myself too seriously, life is meant to have fun.”

Brayden Stegelmeier

HR Specialist

●  Enjoys snow skiing, snowmobiling, and all winter sports
●  When not in winter, enjoys mountain biking and rock climbing
●  Knows how to start friction fires

Hank Fowles

Director of Hot Cup Factory

● A family man
● Loves the outdoors
● Enjoys all things sports, especially basketball, football, and disc golf


Braden Marcum

Customer Retention Team Lead

● Enjoys sports especially soccer
● Board Game enthusiast
● Closet nerd and a Harry Potter fanatic

Samantha Jarnagin

Customer Experience Manager

● Loves to sing
● Bubbly personality
● Enthusiastic about serving others

Myrissa Robinson

Customer Experience Representative

● Is a Cosmetologist
● Loves her dog
● In her free time she loves to hammock 

Allie Blackmore

Customer Retention Specialist

● Would rather hang out with babies and children
● Has an orange splotch in her eye
● Double jointed


Chip Hixon

Director of Sales

● Proud husband and father
● Loves all kinds of sports
● Enjoys playing piano and guitar

Jacob Ewell

Account Executive

●  Boasts a black belt in Tae Kwon Do
● Eats way too much sushi
● Good enough salesman to get his wife to marry him

Claire Welch

Sales Development Representative

●  Loves anything outdoors, especially boating 
● Thinks diet coke is superior
● lover of music and hanging out with friends 

Spencer John

Account Executive

● "Even though I'm 6'7, I play tennis, not basketball"
● Listens to 8+ hours of music daily
● Loves making people laugh

Max Steele

Account Executive Lead

● "Even though I'm 6'7, I play tennis, not basketball"
● Listens to 8+ hours of music daily
● Loves making people laugh

Chandler Wills

Sales Development Representative

●  Unofficial Movie Critic
●  Sandwich Lover
●  Self-Proclaimed Sleep Expert 

Lydia Woodland

Account Executive

● Soda Enthusiast 
●  Loves living in Idaho
●  is the Life of the Party


Baden Hanchett

Lead IT Developer

● Favorite food is a good cheeseburger
● Enjoys outdoor activities
● Loves tech, is the Family IT guy
● "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

Chase Bush

IT Developer

● Music Fanatic
● Loves to ski and skateboard
● Baking perfectionist


Sam Whitlock

Marketing Director

● Finds a lot of peace in nature
● Enjoys fishing, hunting, skiing, running, and rock climbing
● Has climbed to the top of the
Grand Teton

McKay Jaeckel

Paid Ads Manager

● Dreams of becoming a digital nomad
● Loves being outdoors
● Plans to climb Mount Everest and row across the Atlantic ocean

Olivia Hohl

Campaign Manager

● Emotionally attached to her golf clubs
● Mario Kart Champion
● Always up for a trip or adventure

Kelli Marchant

Graphic Designer

● Claims her spirit animal is a grapefruit
● Always looking forward to the next adventure on her bucket list
● Country music lover

Kenton Winegar

Business Development Specialist

● Favorite place to be is on top of a mountain
● Can be found rock climbing all weekend long
● Loves to play the piano and guitar

Westley Mata

Graphic Designer

● Loves competing over board games with his wife
● Obsessed with creating
● Seeks discomfort when possible

Trent Davis

Marketing Specialist

● Proud Soundcloud rapper
● Always winging it
● Definitely married up


Cooper Siebers

Director of Supply Chain

● Professional Disc Golfer and tournament organizer
● Passionate about Competitive Strategic Board/Video Games
● Fantasy Sports Enthusiast

Liam  Wertz

Logistics Specialist

● Dungeons and dragons fanatic
● Enjoys being outdoors playing basketball and hammocks
● Steak lover, prefers his steak cooked just enough so it doesn’t get salmonella

Ben Hatch

Supply Chain Operations Manager

● Lover of extreme sports, especially snowboarding and mountain biking
● Family man
● Recovering chocolate addict

Satchel Murphy

Warehouse Lead

● Free spirited, humor loving, athlete
● Part of his high school’s very first beach volleyball team
● Half Argentine


Stosh Hatch

Data Analyst

● A regular at Taco Bell
● Overt people pleaser
● Can be found at the park making friends and playing spikeball

Noah Cluff

Financial Controller

● Regular at the disc golf course
● Professional diaper-changer
● Early bird

Sam Smith

Cost Accountant

● I'm an avid skeet shooter.
● I can play the national anthem with my feet
● I've been to every state in the South and I'm proud of it

Alex Gillespie

Revenue Accountant

● A fashionista
● Enjoys getting to know people and including them in anything he does
● Love sports and being active