Tim Porter

CEO & People Builder

● Proud father and husband “Family first”
● Devoted watch and pen collector
● Half Welsh, Classic Mini Cooper lover

Ethan Vandehei

Financial Controller

● “I have two psychotic dogs that my wife and I pamper way too much”
● Aspiring mini golf pro waiting for his big break
● Enjoys being out on the water fishing when he’s not staring at computer screens

Tyler Allison

VP of Operations

● Enjoys sports: disc golf, soccer, spikeball, and pickleball
● Passionate about learning new things
● “I don't take myself too seriously, life is meant to have fun.”

Sarah Wood


● A social hermit but loves to be
with friends
● “My family is the best one out there,
no argument.”
● Unabashedly addicted to flavored sodas

Hank Fowles

Director of Hot Cup Factory

● A family man
● Loves the outdoors
● Enjoys all things sports, especially basketball, football, and disc golf


Bryn Whitlock

Director of Customer Success

● Widely known as the Energizer Bunny
● Yoga and rock climbing enthusiast
● Watermelon addict

Samantha Jarnagin

Customer Solutions Representative

● Loves to sing
● Bubbly personality
● Enthusiastic about serving others

Derrek Corry

Customer Solutions Representative

● A deep-dyed Walk the Moon fan
● Obsessed with all types of movies
● Awarded, ‘Sassiest in the office’
● Enthusiastic about writing and football

Bradyn Homer

Customer Solutions Team Lead

● Loves her family, soda, and all things retro
● Impulse purchaser of anything pink
● Loves spending time with her husband and puppy, Rogie.


Customer Solutions Representatitve

● Loves old trucks...the rustier the better
● Studying welding in school
● Loves cows, horses, and chickens


Chip Hixon

Director of Sales

● Proud husband and father
● Loves all kinds of sports
● Enjoys playing piano and guitar

Lydia Woodland

Sales Development Team Lead

● Soda enthusiast
● Can and will turn anything into a party
● Loves living in Idaho

Alex Gillespie

Fulfillment Experience Lead

● A fashionista
● Enjoys getting to know people and including them in anything he does
● Love sports and being active

Hayley Gillespie

Fulfillment Experience

● Obsessed with her perfect puppy, Dude
● Fueled by Diet Dr Pepper
● Loves spending time with family and friends

Koy Blanchard

Account Executive

● “I'm the father of the cutest little girl.”
● Enjoys spending time with his family
● Competes professionally in disc golf

Noah Kelsch

Key Account Executive

● Enjoys boxing, hunting, fishing, hiking, and anything else adventurous.
● Steve Irwin is his childhood hero
● Met his wife through a dare  

Genna Waldron

Sales Development Representative

● Has lived in Hawaii and China
● Loves chewing gum
● Has a twin sister

Max Steele

Account Executive

● "Even though I'm 6'7, I play tennis, not basketball"
● Listens to 8+ hours of music daily
● Loves making people laugh

Tyler Kerby

Sales Development Representative

● Retired high school volleyball player
● Big fan of country music
● Enjoys being outside and exploring new places

Jackson Balkman

Account Executive

● "Redbull is my water"
● Used to sleep with a pet corn snake named Keith when he was in middle school
● Always skateboarding


Account Executive

● Seafood addict
● Would rather be on the beach
● Likes to swim and long board

Ximenna de Leon

Custom Branding Designer

● Fond of music and dancing, specifically salsa and bachata
● Loves the outdoors
● Passionate about design and photography


Baden Hanchett

IT Developer

● Favorite food is a good cheeseburger
● Enjoys outdoor activities
● Loves tech, is the Family IT guy
● "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

Corbin Siebers

Ecommerce Specialist

● Enjoys being outside in the mountains
● Always ready for her next crafty DIY project
● On the hunt for the best chocolate
chip cookie


Sam Whitlock

Marketing Director

● Finds a lot of peace in nature
● Enjoys fishing, hunting, skiing, running, and rock climbing
● Has climbed to the top of the
Grand Teton

McKay Jaeckel

Paid Ads Manager

● Dreams of becoming a digital nomad
● Loves being outdoors
● Plans to climb Mount Everest and row across the Atlantic ocean

Olivia Hohl

Social Media Specialist

● Emotionally attached to her golf clubs
● Mario Kart Champion
● Always up for a trip or adventure

Shelby Delbridge

Graphic Designer/Photographer

● Diehard fan of the show, The Office
● Self-identifies as a Jack of All Trades
● In love with learning and trying new things

Rebecca Thorpe

Digital Marketing Specialist

● Eat, sleeps, and breathes Disney
● Plays almost every sport but favors softball
● Favorite ice cream flavor: Birthday Cake

Bailey Cayas

Creative Director

● Soft chocolate chip cookie lover
● Avid thrifter - hates paying full price
● Would rather be somewhere warm


Cooper Siebers

Director of Supply Chain

● Professional Disc Golfer and tournament organizer
● Passionate about Competitive Strategic Board/Video Games
● Fantasy Sports Enthusiast

Nate Skidmore

Logistics Specialist

● Enjoys playing disc golf for fun
● Hat collector
● "I'm a fun guy"

Stosh Hatch

Sourcing Specialist

● A regular at Taco Bell
● Overt people pleaser
● Can be found at the park making friends and playing spikeball

Ryan Thorpe

Warehouse Worker

● Passionate about exercise
● Trail runner and bike rider
● Enjoys participating in sports of all kinds

Connor Halterman

Warehouse Worker

● Country boy at heart
● Sports fanatic
● Can be found fishing at any free moment

Satchel Murphy

Warehouse Lead

● Free spirited, humor loving, athlete
● Part of his high school’s very first beach volleyball team
● Half Argentine